BlackBerry updates BBM for Android

Positioning BBM to rival Line, Facebook  & even Snapchat

bbm on an android phone

Another sign that BlackBerry really is learning how to monetise its software assets – not just its smartphones, is provided by the latest update to BBM for Android. A key feature is the addition of ‘stickers’ and the fact that there is now a BBM shop where you can actually purchase stickers to send to other BBM users. That’s taking rival social media sites such as Facebook and Line head on. Plus there’s now an improved picture (photo) sharing facility. GoMo reckons this is a reaction to analysts who claim Facebook is losing traffic to photo sharing apps such as Snapchat.

Whilst other industry observers point at Facebook Messenger as the mainstay of stickers, here at GoMo we reckon that it is LINE which is  the King of Stickers.

As we reported here , LINE experiences over one billion stickers sent a day. That figure is twice  the number of tweets sent in a day.

No wonder, then that BlackBerry has introduced stickers which can now be purchased in the BBM Shop.

Fans of Wallace & Gromit can purchase Shay the Sheep stickers for £1.49 (we reckon they’ll be about INR 120 in India).

The new Android version has increased the file transfer size to 16MB so that you can share higher quality photos; longer videos; and larger documents in general.

Given that there are versions of BBM  for BlackBerry and iOS, we’re not sure that you can send such large files to Apple users quite yet.

Talking of BBM versions, there are constant rumours that a Windows Phone 8 and desktop BBM client will emerge.

BBM is already available for the Nokia X, of course, but GoMo doesn’t know if the BBM shop can be seen from the app yet.

BlackBerry says the new picture sharing facility in multi-person chats makes it easier to send a photo to a group of people so users can all talk about it together.

* Footnote: Whilst on the subject of BlackBerry, we’ve noticed that the company has now fixed the bug in BlackBerry World for PlayBook users which we mentioned in ‘BlackBerry issues an new webOS update for PlayBook‘. The site was indicating that an update for BlackBerry World was necessarily but the link went nowhere. Now it points at correct error page in the BlackBerry Knowledge Base.

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