Blue Jeans finds 59% text whilst web conferencing

Win Dr Dre headphones in its competition

In order to highlight recent improvements to its cloud based video conferencing solution, Blue Jeans Network recently conducted a survey which highlights the increasing demand for video-centric meetings. Basically, respondents said they wanted a unified service for all remote and online meetings rather than separate tools for audio conferencing, video conferencing, and web conferencing. There’s also a chance to win $1,000 in the company’s ‘The Meeting Moment’ video contest but you have to live in the UK, USA or Canada to enter. Third prize is beats by Dre headphones (now owned by Apple, of course).

Stu Aaron, CCO with Blue Jeans Network, observed, “Businesses are clamouring for an easy way to connect and collaborate over audio and video, and share multi-media content across all their platforms from mobile devices, to desktops and laptops, to conference rooms.”

Of the two new features just added to the Blue Jeans service probably the most popular one is an ability to record-and-share.

The company found that 28 per cent of respondents would want to capture the “ah-ha” moment.

That’s when an idea came to light and 12 per cent said they would want to record their ideas right before their boss took credit for them.

The survey also revealed the perils of  web conference sessions where no-one can see what you’re doing.

A massive 59 per cent were send personal text messages whilst 34 per cent admitted to taking another call.

An understandable 28 per cent took the opportunity to go to the bathroom; 30 per cent admitted eating with their mouth full, and an amazing 10 per cent  confessed to checking online dating sites during the web conference.

Now for that competition … Entrants can use the new recording feature to enter the Blue Jeans ‘Meeting Moment’ video contest by recording a one to two minute video on your own memorable meeting moment.

To take part, simply go here to record your message and be in with the chance of winning $1,000; a Sony PlayStation 4; those Dr Dre headphones or a water bottle.

Read the full Press release on Blue Jeans improvements here.

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  1. Hmm…. Bluejeans is now competing with leading vendors in video conferencing industry such as Polycom, RHUB, Avaya, Vidyotel, Cisco etc.

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