Blyk provides mobile advertising managed services to Vodafone NL

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I mentioned in a links blog yesterday that the Guardian referred to some new deals with Blyk in Europe. The FT has picked up on this as well (see here).

What is it?
In short, Blyk is changing business model from being and MVNO to being a provider of mobile advertising solutions to operators on a revenue share basis. Vodafone NL seems to be the first taker of this deal.

What we think?

Well, Jonathan MacDonald ex Blyk blogged an interview with co-founder of Blyk this morning saying this was the new Blyk Blueprint in Europe. See:

I read the Guardian, the FT and Jonathan’s blog with interest. Also somebody comments that Orange UK has also signed up to this new business model.  (See article on Orange free student gifts)

What we think part 2?

So, my eyes aren’t bleeding as I read. I said before that the traditional Blyk model was remarkable but not the cash cow it promised. This Blyk within the operator or managed service is much better. I wrote this morning about how E-Plus had turned its world around with the business within business mobile discounter strategy targeting youth, business, students and minorities. E-Plus and its parent KPN have shown how this model can transform business and a simple multi-brand strategy can be as lucrative as a golden elephant.

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