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fundamental requirement for 5G is ultra-high availability - skinner Guest Post: What 5G means for the cellular industry

by Andrew Skinner, telecoms relationship director with Barclays TMT

At this time of year, it will come as little surprise to GoMo News readers that a number of the more interesting conversations I’ve had were about what 5G means for the industry. After all, despite all the hype about wearables, what good is a connected watch when there’s no network available for you to connect to? For all the timelines being bandied around 5G remains largely conceptual. Yes, the Wireless Alliance tested a device on a 5G network, providing connectivity of approximately 5,000 times faster than on 4G. But we are still to define exactly what it is that 5G needs to be and the services it needs to enable, and the industry must move relatively quickly to put a framework in place to achieve the lofty goals that have already been set. Continue reading

ema_logo A mere 15% of firms are ready for mobile says EMA

Shocking new study from analysts – Enterprise Management Associates

Only 15 per cent of enterprises are fully prepared to meet mobile requirement, according to a recent survey of IT professionals by analyst firm, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). That’s despite the fact that 60 per cent indicated they considered mobile management important or critical to their businesses. The report also found that larger organisations were more likely to be prepared than smaller organizations by a factor of roughly 50 per cent. The survey results also indicate that a company’s perception on the importance of workforce mobility is of greater significance than economic factors; the size of the company; or the resources it has available. The full results of this survey will be released next week [27th October 2014]. Continue reading

unified emm could have saved the bbc's robinson Unified EMM helps with lost mobile devices

It’s a kind of BYOD on steroids for getting your handset back

IT departments have always been keen on their TLAs [Three letter Acronyms] as a way of convincing management that their services are vital. In the mobile age, nothing has changed it seems. GoMo News has just been contacted by FrontRange who inform us that a “Unified EMM solution is a must for IT organisations.” EMM stands for enterprise mobility management, of course. To back up this claim, FrontRange quotes a recent survey of IT organisations which found that nearly 42 per cent of them believe a unified EMM solution is crucial to their business. Actually, when you research what unified EMM is, they are probably right. Continue reading

many tablets are not currently active - tantum DataXoom announces enterprise BYOD programme for tablets using AT&T’s 4G LTE network

Company provides cost-effective, no-contract mobile data services for existing devices

Press release

May 7th 2014. DataXoom has announced that it has launched a new enterprise bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programme allowing businesses to activate existing mobile data devices, including iPads, with DataXoom’s mobile data services. DataXoom is a participant in the AT&T Partner Exchange programme and resells AT&T mobile services. DataXoom focuses on providing cellular connectivity for tablets, including iPads, to enterprises. Continue reading

4 walls of an office no longer exist- harding Ping Identity delivers mobile app for single sign-on access to thousands of applications from any device

One-click access for business apps with the security controls that IT requires

Press release

May 22nd 2014. Ping Identity, the identity security company, has announced a native mobile application that delivers single sign-on (SSO) access to thousands of applications from any device. Available for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets, the PingOne app gives users a simple yet secure way to access corporate resources via their smartphone or tablet without compromising security and compliance requirements. Continue reading

unified emm could have saved the bbc's robinson Lost BBC hack’s mobile phone classic BYOD mistake

Calls for quasi-governmental organisation to introduce MDM

It’s about as classic a mistake in the failure to implement a proper BYOD [Bring Your Own Device] roll-out as you could possibly imagine. The BBC (a British news service which all UK citizens are forced to pay for) has conceded that one of its key hacks – Political Editor, Nick Robinson, has mislaid his mobile phone. The device contained the mobile numbers for “most of the Cabinet”; Downing Street officials; and key civil servants. That included the British Prime Minister’s number, too. So a major security leak. It appears that the BBC doesn’t have a proper BYOD policy in place. This will result in calls for the quasi-governmental organisation to introduce a proper MDM [Mobile Device Management] scheme. Continue reading

mark_hay_hsl Guest Post: Cutting through BYOD complexity

by Mark Hay, CEO with HSL Mobile

With the recent proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace, a mobile strategy is critical for every business. A recent survey from Informa revealed that 62 per cent of Fortune 500 companies are using mobile communications with customers and employees to increase productivity, speed and responsiveness. With a range of mobile communication platforms available, businesses require an enterprise communication strategy which is effective at reaching users at the right time, is secure, and is used by everyone. BYOD however is making this more challenging for enterprises. Continue reading

android 21 times more risky than iOS Hurry to register for Info Security Europe

London based show isn’t just for IT professionals

Those who have been around for some years might think that Info Security Europe – better known as Infosec, is the sort of show which is just aimed at IT professionals. The network manager who was tasked with keeping viruses out of the corporate LAN. Well, times have moved on and Infosec has plenty to offer those operating in the mobile arena. In fact, there are plenty of themes this year [2014] which are very mobile specific. The show takes place in London, England tomorrow [April 29th 2014] and attendance is free. But you’ve only got about an hour left to register before the organisers, Reed Exhibitions, hit you with a £35 entrance fee! Continue reading

sam_francis Guest Post: Reducing costs and improving productivity through MDM outsourcing

by Sam Francis, md with Tek Express

Anyone responsible for an organisation or department that employs field based staff, will no doubt be familiar with the issues presented by their use of mobile technology such as phones, laptops and tablets. Providing staff with secure, well managed and well supported access to data and software via these devices, plus ensuring the fast replacement of hardware in the event of loss, theft or fault, is all part of a successful MDM (mobile device management) implementation. Whilst many organisations may be successful at implementing their own mobile device policies and management systems, there are still opportunities for companies to reduce costs and improve the productivity of their field staff by outsourcing MDM requirements in entirety. Here are some of the key reasons to consider: – Continue reading

Omer_ Eiferman Guest Post: What containers & wrappers don’t tell you about BYOD

by Omer Eiferman, CEO with Cellrox

Gartner here predicts that within the next few years, half of employers will require employees to use their own device for work and 90 per cent of organisations will have data on external IT systems. Alongside MDM [Mobile Device Management], many enterprises are using or considering containers and application wrappers on users’ smartphones to separate and secure work and private data. Continue reading

Thomas_Frederiksen Mobile device intelligence provider Mobilethink launches smartphone & tablet picture/video guide service

MNOs can slash up to 30% off device-related customer care costs
Mid-sized MNOs will see support costs cut by > €0.25m each year

Press release

Mobile device intelligence provider Mobilethink of Denmark has announced a smartphone and tablet picture and video guide service – ‘Device Guides’, with a unique combination of troubleshooting data instantly available to call centres and subscribers alike. This enables mobile network operators (MNOs) and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) to substantially slash the cost of customer care. Continue reading

Mark_davis_citrix Guest Post: Video advertisements will drive data growth in previously bandwidth-light apps in 2014

by Mark Davis, senior director of product marketing, Citrix

Mobile Advertising has already seen significant growth with three out of ten mobile subscribers served ads. However, whilst to date users have typically been twenty times more likely to be served an image-based ad compared to a video ad, the impact of these video ads is ten times that of its image-based counterpart. As video advertising becomes more commonplace on social networks, so the volume of video traffic will be driven up. I predict that in 2014 video ads streamed to mobile subscribers will double the volume of data produced through mobile advertising. Plus the launch of video ads on Instagram and Facebook will transform the mobile advertising market and its impact of the mobile network. Here are the rest of my predictions for 2014. Continue reading

mwc attendees need dual sim phones Major handset vendor decides to offer Dual SIM phone in UK

GoMo cheekily claims responsibility for this one

The power of the Press, eh? Surely it cannot be a co-incidence that GoMo News recently wrote ‘Why Dual SIM phones aren’t just for emerging markets‘. Here we pointed out that Dual SIM phones are just as useful in developed markets as they are in emerging markets. That article followed a story from our Indian correspondent, Asif Shaik, explaining that ‘Dual-SIM mobiles phones are wildly popular in India‘.( A report we commissioned). Shaik singled out in particular the HTC One. So guest what? Taiwan’s HTC has just announced that it is to start selling its HTC One with a dual SIM option in the UK for the first time. It’s nice to be proved so right. Continue reading

blue jeans taking on big boys - campanini Blue Jeans taking strides into the UK

New EMEA GM and channel partners announced

Press release

November 13th 2013. Blue Jeans Network, the leader in interoperable video collaboration services, representing over 30 per cent of the worldwide video conferencing services market, has officially launched in the UK. This move capitalizes on a rapidly growing presence in the market. The UK already boasts nearly 700 businesses consuming approximately 10 million minutes a year on the Blue Jeans service, making it the second largest market for Blue Jeans behind the USA. Continue reading

Tweakker_motif Cost of handset distribution could fall says Tweakker

Just by installing the right APN settings

There’s a hidden cost in the distribution of mobile phones which rarely gets mentioned. That is consumers returning handsets as not working when they don’t actually have a fault. A common reason for this is that the handset isn’t configured with the correct settings – for MMS and the mobile web, for example. This is all down to the lack of necessary network settings or APN (Access Point Names) to use the correct term. If this problem is removed, then the cost of distributing smartphones, for example, could go down – according to a Danish start-up – Tweakker. The company just so happens to have been awarded a worldwide patent for its software which instantly configures the APN settings on a smartphone right from power-up. Lucky that, eh? Continue reading