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bye-bye adsmobi hello smaato for yared Second-click price models can defeat bots, says Adsmobi


Last week we ran a small item about the Chameleon botnet scare here. Basically, the claim is that PCs that have been hijacked and turned into robots (bots) are generating up to nine billion ad views or impressions every month. The ease with which advertising networks can apparently be defrauded by through fraudulently driving up ‘fake’ ad impressions is exceedingly worrying. However, Adsmobi is maintaining that second-click price models can defeat ‘bots’. Continue reading

windowsphone_logo Windows Store apps pass magic 50,000 mark

Bunging developers $100 for every app made seems to be working

Microsoft’s initiative to pay developers $100 for every app they make for Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8 looks to be paying off, with 50,000 programs now available. The landmark number was passed at the weekend [March 2013], according to industry watcher MetroStore Scanner, which says that an average of 279 apps have been developed daily in March alone, reversing what had been a rapid decline. Continue reading

sign our petition - see below GoMo discovers more behind Nokia 73 difficulties

Rating: At least we manage OS upgrade

The scales have fallen from our eyes over the difficulties our readers are experiencing with Nokia N73 smartphone – especially those hailing from the Indian subcontinent. Being based over here in the UK, we hadn’t fully appreciated exactly where these N73 handsets were being sourced from. We now suspect that a great deal of the problems being experienced by users relate to the handsets being locked into one particular mobile network operator. Having acquired our own N73, we’ve made some interesting discoveries. We did manage the OS update, though. Continue reading

payforit 101: Payforit instant mobile payment system

Sponsored by txtNation

Begun back in 2006 by all five of the UK mobile network operators ((MNOs) – 3UK, O2; Orange: T-Mobile; and Vodafone, Payforit is an instant mobile payment system. All UK networks are supported, including virtual (MVNO) operators like Tesco, Lebara and Virgin. In fact, any UK mobile number (which starts with 07x) can use Payforit. This kind of service is sometimes described as a mobile micropayment service but is also known as ‘carrier billing’ in the USA. It was originally viewed purely as a mobile content payment mechanism (for ringtones, wallpapers, etc) but has subsequently evolved way beyond that. Continue reading

inches really do matter ZTE launches Grand Memo smartphone @ MWC 2013

Rating: If this ain’t intended as an iPhone killer …

GoMobile News attended its first major Press conference at MWC 2013 which was introduced by He Shiyou, head of mobile devices division with Chinese telecoms manufacturer – ZTE. The occasion was to mark the announcement of its Grand Memo smartphone. Significantly, it claims to be the first smartphone to boast a Qualcomm quad core Snapdragon 800 processor which is why ZTE managed to have Raj Talluri, a senior vp for product management with Qualcomm , in tow. Continue reading

GE_Global Industrial internet will blow M2M out of water

Rating: Carries two orders of magnitude more data

It’s not that often that you encountered game changing technology but that’s exactly what GoMobile News found when chatting to Bill Ruh, a corporate officer with GE Global Software. From certain perspectives, what GE is calling the ‘industrial internet’ is a direct rival to traditional M2M (Machine to Machine) offerings. Except that the industrial internet is way more powerful and far more intelligent than standard M2M based solutions. Perhaps the industrial internet could best be described as M2M on steroids. Fortunately, cellular connexions still have a role to play in an industrial internet scenario. Continue reading

use bluetooth like the i'm watch, luke GoMo stumbles across genuine smartwatches

Rating: They’re Italian and it is all in the patented Bluetooth tech

We’re not quite sure how we missed this before but here at GoMobile Towers we were impressed to learn of the existence of an Italian made smartwatch called the i’m Watch from imsmart. Don’t be fooled by the name – these watches aren’t mere iOS/iPhone accessories. They work with Android phones as well. Indeed, the watches designers have created their own version of the Android OS specifically for their products which they cheekily have name i’m Droid. What makes these watches unique is that the designers have managed to patent three Bluetooth based capabilities which have made the whole concept of a smartwatch a reality. Continue reading

continued strength of iphone & app Store - cook Apple lures app developers with bigger cash pot

Apple is continuing to increase how much it pays to developers as it battles for supremacy in the app market with Google’s Android.
At a conference in Sans Francisco, CEO Tim Cook revealed that a colossal $8 billion had been paid to developers in the last quarter, up $500 million on the $6.5 billion handed out this time in 2011. Continue reading

Tap4Offers GoMo discovers a NFC campaign that actually works

Rating: Tap4 Offers spotted on London overground train

Here at GoMobile Towers we were beginning to think that something was amiss with Motorola’s NFC [Near Field Communication] capability inside our loan RAZR I (the one with Intel inside). However, to our great delight, it worked perfectly with a service called Tap4 Offers which is apparently operated by KBH – an on-train media company. The campaign is particularly interesting because of its breadth. Not only can you ‘tap’ with an NFC enabled handset, alternatively you could scan in the QR code or text 0000 to the shortcode 78400. The campaign appears to be running in conjunction with London’s South West Trains overground rail company. Continue reading

bye-bye adsmobi hello smaato for yared adsmobi yet to crack the Holy Grail of China

Rating: GoMo has cosy chat with Ramy Yared, adsmobi founder

finally caught up with Ramy Yared, co-founder and md with adsmobi – the mobile media buying platform in London’s Covent Garden. It was extremely interesting to chat about the current state of the mobile advertising market with him. Adsmobi – which is a 100 per cent owned subsidiary of Smaato – the leading mobile advertising network, is going great guns. But GoMo was intrigued to discover that as Ramy confessed, his company has yet to crack “the Holy Grail” of China – the world’s biggest mobile market. Crucially, that’s not to say that adsmobi has no presence in China – it’s that it presently deals with demand via Hong Kong or Singapore. By complete contrast – admobi has an excellent entre into the Indian market (another BRIC county). Continue reading

aaron_peters Guest Post: Trends in mobile advertising for 2013

by Aaron Peters, a blogger who works with Superscholar

As so many people now have smartphones, it’s becoming more and more popular to use them as a medium for advertising. With 2013 now on us, I decided to do some research as to what pundits are saying which are the most likely mobile advertising trends we can expect to see in 2013. Continue reading

EE-logo Britain’s EE could be bought by US teleco giant

But there are plenty others in the frame too

Britain’s biggest mobile operator EE could be the target of a takeover by US telecom’s giant AT&T, it’s claimed, as a virtual guinea pig for its pricing strategies and new technologies. According to the Wall Street Journal, such a purchase would also help AT&T to expand activities beyond American shores as its home market becomes increasingly saturated. Continue reading

Galaxy_s3 Sales of Samsung Galaxy mobiles top 100m

Around 8,000 S3 handsets now sold every hour

Sales of Samsung‘s Galaxy S phone series have passed the 100 million mark, the Korean electronics giant has revealed, establishing a new milestone. Figures just released on its Flickr page reveal how the phone has gone from strength to strength, with the Galaxy 3 model alone selling at an average rate of 190,000 units per day.
The best selling phones in the series, however, is the S2 with sales of 40 million, followed by the S3 and S5 which both notched up healthy sales of around 30 million. Continue reading

Christof_Wittig madvertise replaces existing CEO with Christof Wittig

Rating: Plans to conquer USA, East Asia and emerging markets

Mobile advertising specialist, madvertise claims to be the fastest growing player in Europe having seen rapid growth of more than 130 per cent in 2012. To handle this growth and expand on its status – particularly in the USA, emerging markets, and East Asia, madvertise has appointed Christof Wittig as its new CEO. Wittig succeeds Carsten Frien, who joins the company’s advisory board whilst Vincent Pelillo and Stefan Benndorf continue in their current roles as COO and CFO, respectively. Continue reading

overlay_logo InMobi acquires Overlay Media

Adds deep domain expertise in context aware computing

Press release

January 8th 2013. InMobi, the leader in mobile-first technology platforms, and the largest independent mobile advertising network, has announced the acquisition of Overlay Media, experts in context aware computing. Overlay Media, which comprises of a team of data scientists, has built the Context Engine technology to deliver personalised content to mobile users. Naveen Tewari, Founder and CEO at InMobi comments, “We are excited to add amazing talent to InMobi. This acquisition, along with Metaflow Solutions and MMTG Labs, will help us to continue to be at the forefront of delivering highly engaging content to consumers globally.” Continue reading