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Paym-hsbc GoMo discovers HSBC bank Paym service by accident

Through update to old app announcement sent by letter

How quaint! We’ve become accustomed to receiving mostly junk mail through the traditional postal service. So it was a bit of a surprise to discover that GoMo News‘ existing bank – HSBC [UK], had decided to communicate with us about its latest banking app through a non-digital media. A letter. Anyway, it turned out to be good news because we also learnt about HSBC’s Paym service by mistake. It will be launching live in the UK on April 29th [2014]. Those who pre-register get the chance to win an HTC One. Continue reading

sends anti-tech message about Brussels - kroes Brussels court rules Google-backed Uber taxi app illegal

Stiff fines for any cabbies who use it to pick up fares

A Belgium court has delivered another blow to the smartphone taxi app Uber, ruling that any cab drivers using it to pick passengers could face a €10,000 (£8,260) fine each time. At the heart of the row is how the app, backed by Google and Goldman Sachs, links up customers with private cabs whose owners may not comply with the strict licensing rules that exist in many EU countries. Regulated taxi unions in France and Italy have already bitterly opposed moves to open up the cab business to more competition, launching a series of mass protests to paralyse local traffic. Continue reading

Skype on the Nokia XL Nokia’s bet on Android smartphones is working with Nokia X in India

by our Indian correspondent, Asif Shaik

Many were sceptical about the success of Nokia X series of Android smartphones when they were officially announced because those devices don’t use Google’s version of Android. They use AOSP [Android Open Special Project] instead. According to internal rumours, even Microsoft was trying to put an end on Nokia’s Android plans. Nokia X might also be the reason for Microsoft’s hurried acquisition of Nokia. Continue reading

Secret_screenshot Sshhh! It’s Secret Inc Secret app for iPhone

Social networking – only for those in USA

Here’s a new twist on social networking – an iPhone App called Secret which really does keep your identity secret. The idea appears to be to start wicked rumours with this app and then keep everyone guessing who actually let the cat out of the bag [started it]. The app is apparently the work of two former Google employees (calling themselves Secret Inc)– which makes it all the more puzzling that there’s currently no Android version of this app yet. There is an Android app called secret which is very similar but it isn’t the work of the same developer. The app is all the buzz in Silicon Valley but there’s a catch – at present you can only download this app if you’re based in the USA. Continue reading

Anthony_rushton Google is bad, totally bad says top UK tech entrepreneur Rushton

Whilst Sorrell says Google is the most powerful company on the planet

Hmm. Has the Google bashing season just started or something? Ah, no – apparently Advertising Week Europe has just got into full swing. Hence, top Brit tech entrepreneur Anthony Rushton has decided to take a few swipes at global search Goliath, Google. He’s just declared that Goggle is “bad, totally bad for online advertisers.” Hence Telemetry boss is calling for Google’s dominance to be limited. Rushton also appears to have taken a swipe at the UK government whilst he’s about it. Continue reading

direct route into emerging markets - tziokas Guest Post: Is the Nokia X seeing stars?

by Vasileios Tziokas, marketing manager, Upstream

Nokia’s attempts to break into emerging markets bore fruit in the shapely form of the X. The device combines what Nokia considers to be the best of Android with what makes Nokia the third most desired brand in India – great style, great heritage and a simple UI. In fact, 17 per cent of Indian consumers polled in our [Upstream's] latest consumer attitudes report said they would like to buy a Nokia as their next phone. Compare that to China where only 4 per cent of consumers lust after a Nokia handset, and you would imagine that the Nokia X would sell much more easily in India than it would in China. Continue reading

Tuenti-screenshot Spain’s Tuenti Móvil hooks up with Tweakker’s for instant online

Subscribers get their handsets configured for data in seconds

In order to fuel its global growth, Spanish MVNO [Mobile Virtual Network Operator] Tuenti Móvil, has announced a strategic partnership with mobile connectivity specialist -Tweakker. The deal will enable Tuenti’s subscribers to connect to the Internet in a handful of seconds anywhere in the world. Which means they can begin sharing files, images, sounds and video messages with friends virtually immediately. Under the terms of the Tuenti/Tweakker agreement, Tuenti’s mobile customers will have access to Tweakker’s application programming interface (API) and will automatically receive handset settings from power-up if their devices support over-the-air (OTA) configuration. Continue reading

image courtesy of Nexus 4 Bluetooth blues – an update

Try powering up without Wi-fi switched on

When we wrote ‘Bluetooth blues – Nexus 4 users just turn off Wi-fi‘ about a month ago [February 2014], the story proved to be a smash hit with GoMo News readers. Well, GoMo has recently been chatting to our tipster – Roger Newman of Apex Cars and he’s come up with something of an update. He’s discovered that simply turning the Wi-fi facility off within the Google Nexus 4 doesn’t necessarily cure the interference problems the handset experiences with Bluetooth. Especially when trying to attach an earpiece. The solution is to power up with Wi-fi switched off, he says. Continue reading

marketers fine-tune their strategies & spending - alder 2 new indexes for game/app marketers launched

Fiksu aims to help marketers gauge the true mobile costs

In order to help app and game marketers reach their user acquisition goals, Fiksu has created two new indexes. These are designed to help app marketers analyse and benchmark mobile app advertising strategies, with an eye on engagement. The new Fiksu Cost per Install (CPI) index focuses on download costs, measuring the cost per app install directly attributed to advertising. The second new Fiksu index measures the Cost per App Launch. It focuses on engagement and ongoing value, tracking the cost of each repeat app launch over time. Significantly, over Xmas the price difference in reaching Android users rather than iOS users disappeared, Fiksu found. Continue reading

paul_routledge Guest Post: Meeting the demands for the smarter home

by Paul Routledge, senior business manager with D-Link

Thanks to our new found attachment to smartphones and always-on access to the digital world, we have become impatient for ever more information and control. Vendors everywhere are scrambling to develop yet more devices to enable us to access, monitor and manage our homes when we’re not there. We can already keep an eye our homes using IP cameras. We can also stream music and films from home servers and monitor and control use of our networks when we’re out, but that just isn’t enough, so soon we’ll be able to do a whole lot more. But why is the home automation market suddenly flourishing? Continue reading

Facebook-Skype Facebook could earn $800m from a Skype copy says Strand

If Facebook/WhatsApp get into VoIP it’s bad news for MNOs

Without even mentioning the recent WhatsApp announcement, John Strand of Denmark’s Strand Consult argues that if it should decide to introduce cheap voice calls (via VoIP), Facebook could potentially blow Microsoft’s Skype right out of the water. As he says, “f you can talk to friends in Facebook, why would you need to use Skype?” Look at the facts. Facebook is already the world’s largest communications provider with over 1 billion users. It’s a platform where people communicate by voice, text and data. At $175 billion it has a larger market cap that any mobile network operator [MNO], save for China Mobile or Vodafone. And logically, Skype could be one of the first victims of Facebook’s entry to the VoIP market. Continue reading

joe_fortunato Guest Post: How mobile money services are changing how people use cash

by Joe Fortunato, a freelance writer

More than 60 per cent of North Americans believe that (according to Harris Interactive) smartphones will replace credit cards and cash, and 43 per cent believe it will take less than 10 years. While the timeframe is debatable, it’s clear that our future lies in mobile payments. Several major US businesses have been investing in mobile money and customers are responding positively. Let’s look at four ways mobile money services are changing the way people shop. Continue reading

40m calls driven by Google Ads - carrington Click-to-call helps with Adwords click-thru says Google

Also extremely important during mobile purchasing phase

Businesses that do not offer click-to-call risk damaging their brand image and could lose customers, new research from Google has revealed. Click-to-call is seen as most important for mobile searchers in the purchase phase. 48 per cent find it extremely important to be able to call the business when they are about to make a purchase and 36 per cent need it when researching an item or service. This new research was commissioned from Ipsos, an independent market research company. Continue reading

connect with sk:n when convenient - sharma Talk to Me: Consumers expect brands to offer click-to-call

Press release

February 25th2014. New research from Google has revealed that 94 per cent of UK smartphone users have, at some point, needed to call a business directly when searching for information on a smartphone. Of the 1,500 respondents surveyed, just under one third (32 per cent) regularly need to call a business when searching for services or products on their smartphone. The research, which was commissioned to understand the use of the click-to-call option in mobile search, found that almost half of those surveyed (42 per cent) had used this function, with the need to talk to a real person stated as the main motivation. Continue reading

spot the onedrive icon The difference between Microsoft’s OneDrive & SkyDrive

by our Microsoft specialist

GoMo News noticed the obvious discrepancy here between the branding Nokia is using with its latest X range over cloud storage and existing branding. We asked our resident Microsoft specialist, Rajveer Rathore, which was correct? SkyDrive or OneDrive? His answer was … Microsoft rebranded cloud storage services (available for Windows Phone, iOS and Android users) as OneDrive as of 19th February, 2014. The company was forced to do so as it lost a trademark battle over the name ‘Sky’ with the British Sky Broadcasting Group (BSkyB). Continue reading