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Dennis Juul Poulsen Tweakker 14 Guest Post: Connected vehicles? BYOS – Bring Your Own SIM

by Dennis Juul Poulsen, CEO with Tweakker

Billions of dollars are being invested in what is seen as the next big digital playground – the connected vehicle. And central to the mass roll-out of new and subsequently used connected cars and trucks is not just the sticker price, but having connectivity solutions embedded in them allowing the humble, network-agnostic SIM card to access the Internet from a vehicle at anytime, from anywhere, worldwide. Vehicle manufacturers believe that smartphones will change the way people use their vehicles and giant strides have already been made in making them safer, more fuel efficient and more fun to be in thanks to device technology. Continue reading

nfc_world_2014 NFC World Congress unveils its preliminary conference programme

Already 60 speakers scheduled in 15 thematic sessions over 3 days

.All the mobile proximity technologies are covered: – NFC, QR Code, BLE/Beacons, HCE/Cloud-based models, LBS, & Hotknot

Press release

June 6th2014. NFC World Congress is proud to announce its preliminary programme. It’s entitled ‘From Retail or Smart Cities to m-wallet and wearables’ – the wholesale changes happening in the way we shop, spend money, travel, play, and connect will be addressed. In its 4th edition, the NFC World Congress covers all the new ways consumers interact with the digital world. The ‘mobile proximity’ as recalled by its tagline. Indeed mobile proximity services have just begun to change behaviour and to challenge all their stakeholders. Continue reading

1st applications on our LP-WAN networks - hopkins Neul and FarSite Communications announce co-operation for delivering early Internet of Things (IoT) applications

Press release

May 28th 2014. Neul has announced its co-operation with machine-to-machine (M2M) communications equipment provider, FarSite Communications. FarSite is working closely with Neul to develop a range of M2M / IoT products using Neul’s NT1001 module to communicate with NeulNET Low-Power, Wide-Area Networks (LP-WAN). Continue reading

key to unlocking vast new applications - boland UK consortium announces an open access, city scale IoT network in Milton Keynes

Press release

22nd May 2014. A consortium of leading technology companies: – Connected Digital Economy Catapult, Future Cities Catapult, Milton Keynes Council and The Open University have announced that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to build a city-wide, open access demonstration network for machine-to-machine [M2M] communications and the Internet of Things (IoT), based on the Weightless communications standard. The project will demonstrate the ability of a city-wide M2M infrastructure to cope with a large number of static and mobile sensors. Continue reading

weightless' web - key speaker M2M & IoT to offer revenue replacement for MNOs

Good idea to attend Digital Services Congress next week

It seems that currently everywhere mobile network operators [MNOs] turn, their revenues are being eroded. The EU has hit roaming revenues hard in Europe and the OTT players are impacting revenues from SMS. The one place where MNOs hold a key advantage is in the area of machine-to-machine communications [M2M] and its younger brother – the Internet of Things [IoT]. The key lies in identifying where the growth will come from. GoMo News has a key recommendation – especially for those who happen to be in London, England next week (2nd-4th June 2014). Why not visit the Digital Services Congress? Continue reading

IoT is B2B2C - aitken Subtle differences between IoT & M2M revealed

Effectively the Internet of Things is not B2B but B2B2C

We recently had the chance to have a cosy chat with Colin Aitken, business development direct with NextG-Com in the lovely environs of Staines-upon-Thames [UK]. He was helping GoMo News out with one of the great current quandaries in the cellular sector. Are there any real differences between machine-to-machine communications [M2M] and the new vision of the world with everything linked up together in an Internet of Things [IoT]? Aitken pointed out that there are subtle differences in the ecosystems. With IoT. services will be sold by one business to another business which then markets that on to the consumer. So B2B2C, then. Continue reading

stuff - mcmillan Arqiva is building a UK network dedicated to IoT

Its investment will also connect the UK to SIGFOX’s global IoT network
This should strengthening Arqiva’s position as a leading provider of M2M connectivity services

Press release

Arqiva is building and running a national [UK] Internet of Things (IoT) network, starting with ten of the UK’s largest cities. To enable this Arqiva has partnered with SIGFOX, a pioneer in cost-effective, energy-efficient Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity. The new network, which will use SIGFOX technology and connect the UK to the SIGFOX global IoT network, will unlock substantial economic benefits and support innovative new services for smarter homes and cities. Continue reading