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you can't see this screen without a PIN Glimmer of hope for Barclays customers using Airport Angel app

CPP might eventually sort the mess out

There’s always a grain of truth in the old saying that you don’t get something for nothing. And this very definitely applies to those customers of British bank, Barclays, who are offered the Airport Angel service free with their Premier Life account. See our original story from 2008 here. The app which goes with this service was originally developed for iOS and is now available for Android here. Quite frankly we’ve never encountered an app which generates so may negative responses as this one. How it rates 3 out of 5 on Goggle Play, we don’t know. But GoMo has been able to chat to some-one at CPP which operates the Airport Angels service about it, though. Continue reading

FCC-Aztec_code Masabi supplies secure mTickets for FCC trains

Aztec based codes initially readable @ 3 English rail stations

As something of a breakthrough, Masabi – a specialist developer of  mobile ticketing has enabled British train operator  First Capital Connect to roll out its first mTicket capability at three English railway stations. An mTicket enables a smartphone user to purchase a ticket electronically with no need to collect it physically from a ticket office or machine. Instead the mTicket is displayed onscreen as an encrypted Aztec code. [Note: Not a QR code!]. Machines at London King’s Cross, Cambridge and King’s Lynn will initially be able to read these mTickets as will conductors’ portable ticket machines. The plan is to be able to roll it out to other locations including London’s Gatwick airport. FCC is strangely coy about the number of platforms able to run its ‘Rail Tickets’ app. There are Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Nokia apps, for example. Continue reading

helping auto finance companies to transform - ulis BillingTree to deliver mobile payment and customer communications solutions to auto finance industry

Press release

January 22nd 2014. BillingTree, the leader in on-demand payment processing technology, has announced a suite of new solutions that allow auto finance companies to expand mobile payment options to consumers, and to manage and extend customer relationships beyond their initial purchase through digital marketing promotions and value-added customer service. BillingTree’s mobile payment and lifecycle management solution enables customers to view and pay their bills by scanning a QR code from their smartphone and instantly access their account information and payment options. Continue reading

Aztec_code GoMo digs out 2D barcode examples

Hope this manages to clear up confusion over 2D barcode types

These days, the 2D mobile barcode wars are really over. For all intents and purposes, the QR code has won out – even though it technically might not be the best solution available. However,  in some cases there are still some refuseniks left. A good case in point is the travel industry. Hence, when we wrote this story … ‘BA’s barcode causes confusion – Datamatrix or Aztec?‘, we tried to clear up the confusion. The travel industry actually utilises Aztec codes rather than going down the QR code route. As GoMo reader xx has just pointed out that story contained a link to a web site page that no  longer exists. So below we have published examples of the seven most popular 2D barcode types again. Continue reading

Scandit_screen Scandit develops SDK for Google Glass-based scanning apps

Foresees 10% of firms using AR spectacles in 5 years

A new version of its Barcode Scanner SDK software will deliver highly optimised support for Google’s icon Glass [AR spectacles], says Scandit. The company develops software-based barcode scanning and data capture technology for smartphones, tablets and wearable computing devices. The new Scandit release will be compatible with Google’s new Glass Development Kit (SDK), and Scandit is already working closely with application developers to match its wide range of features and functionality to the specific requirements of Glass. This release leverages Scandit’s unique blurry scanning and dynamic range capabilities to the fullest extent. The move follows a recent prediction from Gartner that companies using Google Glass or other wearable devices could save $1 billion a year in field service costs over the next five years. Continue reading

gold standard for inter platform comms - kader Waiting line to join BBM disappears

BlackBerry’s IM system on course to become No. 1 private messaging platform

As we previously reported here, BlackBerry’s official BBM client for Android and iPhone devices was downloaded over 10 million times in the first 24 hours. Now that its first week has ended, over 20 million new users have joined BBM bringing the worldwide total to more than 80 million monthly active users. Significantly, BlackBerry has transformed itself into a major player on Apple’s iTunes and Google’s Play app stores. BBM was the top free overall app in 35 countries in Google Play and in 107 countries in the iTunes App Store. It shows that BlackBerry is maintaining a strong position in markets such as Canada (no surprise); the USA; the UK and Indonesia. Now the focus is on keeping those users active. Continue reading

industry pioneer and innovator in the QR space - Marriott NeoMedia releases details of IP programme with participation from major gobal brands

Mobile barcode pioneer and innovator expands use of its technology through IP licensing initiatives

Press release

October 16th 2013. NeoMedia Technologies (OTC BB: NEOM), the pioneer in global mobile barcode management solutions ,has announced details of its IP licensing initiatives around the mobile barcode ecosystem. NeoMedia has now enabled many of the world’s most prominent brands to use advanced QR codes through internal development or third parties that are not licensed to NeoMedia’s patents. Continue reading

audio is the new wireless for barcodes GoMo News fails to attend audio barcodes launch

We miss a winner of Discovering Start-Ups 2013 – Chirp

Somewhat disappointingly, GoMo News failed to make the promotional event which highlighted the winners of this year’s [2013's] – ‘Discovering Start-Ups competition’. The competition is in many ways similar to the Tech TrailBlazers awards – an event where GoMo News is a major media partner (See here). Incidentally, if you haven’t got your entry into Tech Trailblazers by now – you’re probably too late because entries officially closed on September 26th [2013]. But we digress. What we’d really like to have seen was a demo of ‘audio’ barcodes from Chirp. Continue reading

janet_lee Guest Post: Visual QR codes – freshening up your mobile campaign

by Janet Lee, an avid technology writer

We live in a fast-paced, dynamic world and all the information in the globe is within the reach of our fingertips. We see hundreds, perhaps thousands, of commercials a day and we learn to blur them out and ignore them unless their usefulness is made immediately apparent. Successful advertisements are often the ones that aren’t perceived as interrupting the customer’s online or offline browsing but rather the ones that manage to merge naturally into everyday articles and offer something special that the customer is intrigued into pursuing. Continue reading

just try finding the barcode function UK shopping app harnessed to provide retail data

Flash smartphone survey new weapon in Shopitize’s armoury

It appears that Shopitize has discovered that it is now sitting on a potential gold mine of information about UK shoppers’ habits. It has just carried out a flash smartphone survey asking its app users which supermarket should we be visiting for the best price and quality? It is based on 1,076 responses. Shopitize’s latest stats also show that the smartphone has become an integral part of the shopping experience. Over 70 per cent of Brits now use their smartphones whilst in the supermarket, with comparing prices the most commonly given reason. Continue reading

Juniper_mticketing 2D barcode m-ticketing solutions will prevail says Juniper

Although apparently SMS ticketing is big in Sweden

The market for mobile ticketing (m-ticketing) is set to surge, according to a new report out from Juniper Research. It reckons that over 16 billion transport and events tickets will be delivered annually to mobile handsets by 2018. That’s three times the volume expected this year [2013]. The overall winner will be 2D barcode m-ticketing solutions Juniper believes. The loser will be SMS based ticketing solutions although curiously such systems are big in Sweden. Juniper is also predicting that companies will explore cross-selling opportunities presented by m-ticketing – especially in the air travel sector. Continue reading

industry pioneer and innovator in the QR space - Marriott NeoMedia licenses mobile barcode patents to Tyson Foods

Press release

July 11th 2013. NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. (OTC BB: NEOM), pioneers in the mobile barcode industry, today announced that it has granted Tyson Foods, Inc. (NYSE: TSN) a worldwide, non-exclusive license to NeoMedia’s patents related to mobile barcode scanning technology. Continue reading

NeoMedia_Logo2 NeoMedia gets revoked patent reinstated in Europe

Doubles all round, we suspect

The folk at NeoMedia (OTC BB:NEOM) must be jumping up and down with delight. The European Patent Office (EPO) has overturned on appeal the earlier revocation of its European Patent No. 0832453. The EP patent is registered in UK, Sweden, Austria, France, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. NeoMedia is a 2D barcode/QR code King. As well all know, NeoMedia’s fortunes are now very heavily linked to how successfully it can enforce its patents and this is nothing short of a major victory. Continue reading

AHG_promocard AHG’s promoCard utilises Apple Passbook tech to help merchants reach iOS devices

QR codes can be used on goods shipped via Amazon

A new Apple Passbook based platform that allows businesses to communicate with their clients through mobile promoCard has been launched by AHG – a mobile appls and web software development company. The promoCard is aimed at encouraging repeat orders and customer loyalty. The company claims that unlike many rival services that let their clients create individual Apple Passbook coupons or other types of passes, promoCard focuses on creation of special promotional cards. These are targeted to specific customer interests and aim to establish a continuous flow of information between the business and the customers. Continue reading

damme the QR code doesn't work Weekend QR code roundup – Coors Light

Basically the URL didn’t work

This is probably going to be one of the shortest QR barcode roundups that GoMo News has ever done. We have always maintained that here in the UK at least, the drinks industry is one of the most prolific users of QR code technology in their promotional campaigns. So when we spotted another beer mat with an enticing QR code on it, we enthusiastically scanned it in. That’s as far as we got. Continue reading