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Sex chat provider cons customer data out of Vodafone

TeleBilling tries to charge GoMo Towers

Here at GoMo Towers, we were extremely puzzled when a bill from sex chat content provider, TeleBilling, arrived on our doormat. The company was attempting to recover the princely sum of £35 from us for six texts sent from a prepaid Vodafone [UK] account. There are numerous things wrong with such a demand but it does raise some horrendous questions concerning how personal data being held by Vodafone managed to find its way into the hands of a dubious content provider. The most important question that needs to be addressed is how exactly did TeleBilling link the mobile phone SIM card in question to our name and address? Continue reading

Leef Bridge 3.0 Leef solves the PC to Android content moving problem

Easily watch downloaded videos on an Android device

As anyone who has owned an Android based device will know, moving content between a handset or tablet and other device formats (such as Mac & PCs) is an infuriating process. Standard practice is to transfer files as email attachments or to use cloud services such as SkyDrive. Or mess around with Bluetooth or Wi-fi. Well the folks at Leef obviously had a brainwave and have come up with a nifty little solution in the shape of the Leef’s Bridge 3.0. Which will shortly become available in the UK. Continue reading

1m+ now enjoy benefits of Vodafone 4G - rose Vodafone claims to be the 1st UK MNO to sell Google’s Chromecast

Special deal for anyone with Vodafone Red 4G plan

Vodafone is claiming to be the first mobile network operator [MNO] in the UK to sell Google’s Chromecast media-streaming device. The company is making Chromecast available to all Vodafone customers at an RRP price of £30 through Vodafone’s 375 retail outlets across the UK. Significantly, however, the device is available to all new and existing Red 4G customers at the discounted price of £25. “With more than one million customers now enjoying the benefits of Vodafone 4G, we’re expecting Chromecast to be a big hit,” commented Cindy Rose, consumer director with Vodafone UK. Continue reading

netflix_watching Netflix adds continue watching to Android apps

Works differently on tablets & you need v 4.0 or above

Online digital video content supplier, Netflix has decided to make it easier to enjoy more TV shows and films for its customers with Android devices. So those with Android phones, tablets and the Amazon Kindle Fire and who are running Android version 4.0 or above should consider download the latest version of the app from the Google Play app store. The company calls the continue watching feature ‘Post-Play’. So those who also own a Song Playstation 3 will already be familiar with this new feature. Continue reading

rahja - creating the 1st image ad network Scoopshot CEO says brands waking up to user-generated images

Petri Rahja admits neglecting to push Nokia Lumia compatibility

The CEO of image agency Scoopshot, Petri Rahja, told GoMo News that brands are strating to wake up to the value of user-generated images. Not only are they utilising Scoopshot’s services for their marketing and advertising requirements, they are now actively commissioning ‘campaigns’ from his company . And probably one of the best examples of this was a campaign commissioned by Nokia when it launched its mega-cameraphone the Lumia 1020. Scoopshot has also just set a world record for in sourcing user-content by supplying the London Evening Standard with a requested image within three minutes. Continue reading

caller_tune_onmobile Caller Tune goes viral in India

What a way to put ringback tones onto the map

A chance remark made by OnMobile‘s Florent Stroppa during his chat with us has led GoMo News to discover that ringback tones [RBTs] have recently gone viral in India. Probably because this type of service is known by the far more sensible name of ‘caller tune’ rather than RBT. There’s actually a smash hit song called Caller Tune and is sung by Neeraj Shridhar and Neeti Mohan. Better still has been created for a Bollywood movie – Humshakals. What a way to put RBTs onto the map. Continue reading

stroppa - hands currently tied OnMobile to promote sport event themed RBTs

GoMo invents the British F1 ringback tone

We’ve just had a very interesting discussion with Florent Stroppa, who is a senior vp for products with OnMobile, an Indian company specialising in value-added services for the telecommunications industry. Florent is particularly keen to promote ringback tones (RBTs) and was telling us about an impending campaign the company will be running shortly to promote the forthcoming World Cup soccer tournament. Apparently, Onmobile is aiming to entice consumers to utilise ringback tones through sports based events. Naturally, GoMo News suggested Formula One (F1). Continue reading

you could have made money out of this pic felix Scoopshot helping Brits to monetise handset photos

First major customer is Evening Standard

Finland’s Scoopshot is making a big push to encourage the UK media and advertising industry to utilise its verified user-generated images service. It has apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone (WP7.5 & above) but not BlackBerry. These apps enable smartphone photographers to get paid for their work. The first high profile UK user is London’s Evening Standard newspaper group which launched with the service on April 3rd. It ran a campaign asking cameraphone users to send in their ‘London photographs’. Continue reading

at7t sponsored data Sponspored data plans are a good thing survey discovers

Antidote to bill shock for starters says Citrix

Best known for its IT specialism, Citrix has just shared some of the findings from a survey of US smartphone users conducted on their behalf by Wakefield Research . Now the survey covers mobile device etiquette and the mobile user experience. But in particular it covers ‘sponsored data plans’. Strangely, Citrix didn’t really bother to explain what the ‘sponsored’ bit means. However, we suspect the firm helped US mobile network operator – AT&T, with offering its own ‘Sponsored Data’ service. (See here). Anyway, the survey finds that consumers are dead scared of over-spending on their data plans (bill shock). Surprise, surprise. It also found that they’d be receptive to sponsored data plans. Ditto. Continue reading

cerf- praised by buckingham Mobile Streams’ top bean counter heads for the door as shares plummet

Departs with immediate effect, despite doing ‘solid job’
In early trading shares get hammered again

Britain’s Mobile Streams, which describes itself as world’s biggest independent retailer of games, apps and other online content, has parted company with its chief financial officer Gaston Cerf, it was revealed today [4th February 2014]. His departure comes just a few weeks after Mobile Streams issued a profit warning, sending its shares into a renewed nosedive. Since October last year [2013], the company’s share price has tanked by nearly two thirds, going from around 81 pence to just 29 pence at close last night. Continue reading

-buckingham - waiting for argentina peso to stabilise Mobile Streams issues profit warning amid Argentine Peso mayhem

Shares plunge more than a third, wiping millions off cap

Britain’s Mobile Streams, which describes itself as world’s biggest independent content retailer, has issued a profit warning following the recent devaluation of the Argentine Peso. The news sent the stock plunging in early trading today [29th January 2014], sending them down a massive 34 per cent to just 41 pence. The company, whose vast majority of subscribers are based in the South American country, was hit two years ago when the Argentinian government imposed strict rules on foreign exchange movements, making it difficult for firms like Mobile Streams to get their money out. Unable to repatriate profits, the company’s share price has plunged in the past year. Continue reading

corruption remains a risk in Sub-Saharan Africa - Akindele Sub-Saharan Africa m-payments jungle tacked with M-Iflọ

MMIT & Bango unite to bring cash up front to content payments

The mobile payment environment in Sub-Saharan Africa has proved to be something of a jungle for Western merchants wishing to sell their mobile content. Political instability; unclear regulatory environments; a lack of proper infrastructure and corruption have resulted in a lack of viable billing systems. That problem has now been tackled by MMIT and Bango who have released M-Iflọ. This offers a safe payment solution that enables online transactions for digital content for online merchants previously fearful of the risks of doing business in Africa. Continue reading

Bango & MMIT introduce M-Iflọ

The solution to Africa’s complex mobile payment landscape

Press release

October 8th, 2013. Bango and MMIT have released M-Iflọ, a safe payment solution that enables online transactions for digital content. M-Iflọ navigates the complex mobile payment environment in Sub-Saharan Africa and is tailored to the needs of the industry leaders in mobile content. Continue reading

wpid-7836adult_report117x153.jpg 0.25bn mobile users will view adult content by 2017

Apparently Wi-fi hotspots in cafes is the best place to do it

A report entitled ‘Mobile Adult Content: Monetisation, Technologies & Legislation 2013 – 2018‘ from Juniper Research is predicting that by 2017 some 250 million mobile phone or tablet will access adult content on their device by 2017. We’re talking porn here rather than gambling sites which also get classed as ‘adult’ by MNOs for example.  The report’s author, Siân Rowlands, alos suggests that tablet users will become more likely to access such material. And a report by AdaptiveMobile discovered that cafés and restaurants offering Wi-fi connexions do not have any restrictions in place to block such access. Continue reading

multiscreen_tv Vision247 has the content for 4G network operators

They’ve even showing a white label version of an iPlayer style app @ IBC

Most industry observers would agree that content is going to be the key to successful promotion of 4G networks. Vodafone’s tie up with BSkyB and Spotify in the UK is a prime example of a mobile network operator (MNO) recognising this. However, such deals are time restricted. What 4G MNOs really want is breadth of content to appeal to a wide section of the populace. And chatting to Luke Kennedy, a director for the Vision TV network with Vision247, GoMo News realised just where this content (and the associated technology) can be found. Within what was previously thought of purely as the broadcast TV industry. Plus, it just so happens that the absolutely right event to find such companies is an the IBC 2013 conference in Amsterdam – which just so happens to be starting tomorrow [September 12th 2013]. Continue reading