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mobile barcode feature globe Mobile barcodes on TV: marketing, payments, Mobio and Shaw

Canadian company Mobio has appeared on GoMo many times now – because it has a tendency to do interesting things with mobile barcodes. Now it has announced a deal with communications and media company Shaw to place marketing and payment barcodes on TV in Canada. Continue reading

mobile money feature Mobile phones gain popularity for credit card transactions

comScore is one of the biggest Internet research agencies in the world – it tracks on-line information for some of the Internet’s largest companies. Today, it has released results from its tracking of US credit card use on-line over the past year. And it shows a very healthy increase in the number of people who trust their mobile devices enough to complete credit card transactions on them. Continue reading

mobile money cash feature PayPal buys into mobile money services with WHERE

PayPal, which is a division of digital auctioneering giant eBay, has announced that it is buying a mobile location, advertising and commerce company called WHERE. We’ve reported on WHERE several times before, as the company has been very busy this last year – now we take a look at what this acquisition means for PayPal and WHERE. Continue reading

mobile money feature Payfone staples mobile payments onto American Express

Last month, American Express launched a new digital payments platform called Serve. At launch, it was essentially an alternate version of PayPal – but part of the platform’s point is that new services will be added to it as time passes. One of the first has been announced this week, as mobile payments provider Payfone announces that it will be integrating mobile operator payment channels into Serve. Continue reading

Kony Solutions A third of UK retailers lack mobile strategy

Rating: Plus far too much emphasis on iPhone, Kony study finds

A survey which included some 100 marketing and IT directors at British retail businesses has found multiple gaping holes in retailers’ mobile strategies. Far too much emphasis is being put on iPhone apps, for example. The study found that 74 per cent of retailers claim to have a presence on the iPhone, yet 58 per cent of consumers prefer to shop and browse on other mobile OS platforms. Moreover, 60 per cent of consumers already claimed to use mobile internet to make decisions whilst physically in-store but one third of retailers still have no plans to implement a mobile strategy. The study was conducted by Vanson Bourne on behalf of Kony last month [March 2011]. Continue reading

clickandbuy Android Market ignores the Unbanked

Rating: Plenty of options with iTunes App Store. though

The concept that potentially huge numbers of customers don’t have access to a bank account, let alone a credit card seems to bypass giant corporations and Google is no exception. In the UK, GoMo News has found it impossible to pay for Android apps without borrowing somebody else’s card. By contrast, the number of opportunities to pay for goods on Apple’s iTunes App Store seem to be constantly increasing. Continue reading

mobile money feature Mobile banking: SMS can provide marketing, security and services for finance

As smartphones have fueled an incredible surge in applications, there has also been a retro-effect on older technologies. More and more institutions are seeing how the humble SMS can be used to provide very modern services. We spoke to Roland Foller, director of product management for mobile messaging at MACH, to find out the ways it’s using messaging to provide service for banks and financial institutes. Continue reading

PhonepayPlus logo PhonepayPlus launches new code for PRS

Rating: Can now regulate every part of the PRS value-chain

The UK regulator for premium rate telephone services (PRS), PhonepayPlus, has finally announced the publication of a new code of practice for the PRS industry. The code will come into force on September 1st 2011. Significantly, for the first time, PhonepayPlus will directly regulate every single part of the PRS value-chain. It claims that this will enable it to better regulate what it calls the “minority of providers” who bring the whole industry into disrepute. UK consumers are frustrated by the fact that constant re-offenders are frequently big names in the business who are fined insignificant amounts. Continue reading

SIM UICC Gemalto universal mobile NFC payments get MasterCard certified

Digital security expert Gemalto has some pretty interesting news today – it’s mobile NFC payment system got the certified by MasterCard. And the new system is installed on UICC cards, meaning it can be used in pretty much every phone and with any operator in the world. Continue reading

Will run on > this? MMN rolls out Sir Stuart Rose to promote Simply Tap

Rating: Big Guns backing this mobile payment system ??

The Mobile Money Network (MMN) has acquired the services of probably the UK’ most famous retailer – Sir Stuart Rose – to promote its mobile payment service – Simply Tap. It’s the usual thing – consumers register their personal details just once. This includes data such as debit or credit card numbers and preferred delivery address. On seeing a product in store; online; or in an advert; the consumer simply types in the product code. The Simply Tap service can be accessed through a mobile app or via SMS. So at least it isn’t initially limited to just the one smartphone like so many other product offerings. Continue reading

mobibucks feature Mobile commerce: VooDoo BBQ signs on with Mobibucks

VooDoo BBQ & Grill is a New Orleans-based restaurant with 13 locations around Louisiana – and it has just signed up with mobile marketing/commerce company Mobibucks to allow customers to pay with just their mobile phone numbers. Continue reading

mobile money feature Nokia and UBI join forces to bank the unbanked in India

Nokia has been a champion of mobile banking for “unbanked” regions for many years now. With major investments in mobile money service provider Obopay, followed by the launch of Nokia Money, the phone maker has been driving banking services to those living in poor, rural areas. Today sees a major leap forward, as Union Bank of India launches a major mobile banking initiative, powered by Nokia. Continue reading

nnexva neXva’s multi OS app store woos developers

Rating: Mobile payment system could prove tasty, too

One of our quests here at GoMo News is to help mobile app developers escape the tyranny and arbitrary behaviour of the big app store operators. So we were intrigued by an approach made to us by the multi OS app store, neXva. The company was pushing its neXliner tool which employs QR codes and looks pretty handy. However, what really sparked our interest is its neXpayer payment tool which is adding new payment mechanisms. Plus the company will soon be launching an in app payment SDK that will facilitate one click payments from within mobile apps and works across most mobile OS. Continue reading

postemobile feature DeviceAnywhere keeps PosteMobile mobile services ticking

Owned by the Italian postal service, PosteMobile is Italy’s largest MVNO. It has just announced a deal with mobile testing company DeviceAnywhere to ensure that it’s services work properly on the full range of handsets on the market. Continue reading

mobile-money-cash-phone Mobile payments: Premium SMS is a force to be reckoned with

Today I interviewed Dmitry Polyanovksy, Co-Founder and CEO of mobile micropayments company SmsCoin. Based in Israel, but run by Russians, the company powers millions of mobile transactions by Premium SMS every month in over 90 countries. We sat down to talk about the potential, and limitations, of this mobile money channel. Continue reading