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mobile money feature Nokia and UBI join forces to bank the unbanked in India

Nokia has been a champion of mobile banking for “unbanked” regions for many years now. With major investments in mobile money service provider Obopay, followed by the launch of Nokia Money, the phone maker has been driving banking services to those living in poor, rural areas. Today sees a major leap forward, as Union Bank of India launches a major mobile banking initiative, powered by Nokia. Continue reading

nnexva neXva’s multi OS app store woos developers

Rating: Mobile payment system could prove tasty, too

One of our quests here at GoMo News is to help mobile app developers escape the tyranny and arbitrary behaviour of the big app store operators. So we were intrigued by an approach made to us by the multi OS app store, neXva. The company was pushing its neXliner tool which employs QR codes and looks pretty handy. However, what really sparked our interest is its neXpayer payment tool which is adding new payment mechanisms. Plus the company will soon be launching an in app payment SDK that will facilitate one click payments from within mobile apps and works across most mobile OS. Continue reading

postemobile feature DeviceAnywhere keeps PosteMobile mobile services ticking

Owned by the Italian postal service, PosteMobile is Italy’s largest MVNO. It has just announced a deal with mobile testing company DeviceAnywhere to ensure that it’s services work properly on the full range of handsets on the market. Continue reading

mobile-money-cash-phone Mobile payments: Premium SMS is a force to be reckoned with

Today I interviewed Dmitry Polyanovksy, Co-Founder and CEO of mobile micropayments company SmsCoin. Based in Israel, but run by Russians, the company powers millions of mobile transactions by Premium SMS every month in over 90 countries. We sat down to talk about the potential, and limitations, of this mobile money channel. Continue reading

mobile-money-cash-phone Monitise building mobile banking services for Europe

Mobile money experts Monitise announced an incredible partnership win today. It has signed an exclusive deal with Visa Europe to create mobile finance and payment applications for Visa’s inter-bank processing service. Continue reading

mobile money cash feature Barclaycard and Everything Everywhere to launch mobile payments in 40,000 stores

Everything Everywhere is the largest mobile operator in the UK – it’s a joint venture between Orange and T-Mobile, formed amidst much drama over the last two years (see our series of reports, if you’re interested). It has previously had a few dalliances with mobile payments through deals with Barclaycard, but today it has moved to a whole new level. The two service providers have announced they will be launching a commercial mobile payments system that will be ready to roll in 40,000 stores around the country. Continue reading

Psonar logo A-penny- a-track music listening enabled by Bango

Partners with Psonar for pay-per-play mobile music service

A radical charging model for listening to streamed music has become viable through the alliance between payment specialist, Bango and Psonar the music streaming service. Consumers will be able to listen to a track that they don’t own for just one cent (or one eurocent) per play. This model doesn’t even depend on intrusive advertising to achieve this price level. And it can be extended to other areas of digital content. Continue reading

mobile-money-cash-phone Mobile money hot news round-up: Starbucks, gaming and education

Welcome to what would usually be a collection of the hottest mobile marketing and advertising stories from GoMo News! But it turns out that there’s far more interesting stuff happening in the world of mobile payments, finance and commerce today – so we’re doing a round-up of that instead. Continue reading

mobile money cash feature UN trialling mobile payments to help the poor

Over the last two years, the idea of using your mobile for cash transfer has really been taking hold. Even very basic phones can be used for payments, as the services are built to hook those devices into financial systems. It now seems that the UN is gathering information on how it can use mobile payments to further its public works around the world. Continue reading

mobile-money-cash-phone M-commerce: Usablenet integrates PayPal mobile payment for retailers

Usablenet is an m-commerce provider with a really, really serious portfolio of happy clients. Within the last year it has created successful mobile properties for some serious retailers. I’m not talking about single shops here – I’m talking about companies with hundreds of locations and massive on-line stores, including M&S and Chico’s. And now it has announced that PayPal’s Mobile Express Checkout will be integrated into it’s offering. Continue reading

orange tiny top ups Orange UK allows “Tiny Top Ups” – as low as 10p!

Orange UK has launched a somewhat hilarious and somewhat brilliant new service today. It’s called Tiny Top Ups, and it allows you to top up your Pay As You Go account with the change in your pocket. Literally – you can top up by 10p if that’s all you have on you. Continue reading

mobile-money-cash-phone Hate doing your taxes? Let your mobile take over…

An extremely useful mobile app, pioneered by a military bank in America, allowed you to cash cheques by taking a picture of them. The same kind of process is being used by a company called TurboTax to help people file their taxes. Continue reading

mobile money cash feature Mobile commerce speeds up over Christmas, unlikely to slow down

The worlds of shopping and mobile collided heavily this Christmas. There was an explosion in the number of services that combined various mobile technologies with shopping, including barcodes, location and payments. And with Google barreling into mobile payments, eBay reporting massive boosts and Wells Fargo pushing it’s staff into a mobile trial, it seems likely that mobile commerce will continue to gather speed this year. Especially regarding NFC. Continue reading

early adopters of mobile money are key - perelmuter Mobile commerce: Meeting the consumer halfway?

As 2010 – a year of booms, busts, mergers and consolidation – finally comes to a close, the mobile industry is already looking ahead to the potential opportunities for 2011. One trend that gathered momentum in 2010 and which looks to be further building support for next year is mobile commerce. For too long the mobile retail sector stayed virtually at a standstill. However, in the latter half of the year, and most notably in the run up to Christmas, mobile commerce began to take centre stage. Continue reading

MACH logo Mach survey highlights unfriendly billing

Rating: Mobile apps being held back by poor payment methods

One of our hobby-horses here at GoMo News, is that the lack of acceptable and easy payment methods is holding back the monetisation of mobile apps. We’ve just stumbled across research carried out at the Apps World show in November 2010 which seems to vindicate this view. The survey was conducted on behalf of Mach, the operator software vendor, and one of the findings was massive support for operator billing. As usual, no-one openly criticises PayPal as being an unacceptable alternative. The fact that systems like Shazam can only work with debit or credit cards also never seems to get a mention. Continue reading