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mobile-phone-nfc-wireless Mobile payment by NFC built into Android 2.3

One of the really hot topics this holiday season is mobile payments. There’ve been a multitude of stories about it on GoMo, along with two feature interviews coming up. Google isn’t staying quiet on the topic, and has announced that the soon-to-be-release Android 2.3 OS will have mobile payment built into it. Continue reading

mobile money cash feature Mobile Money Network launches from Best Buy, Monitise and Carphone Warehouse

Three highly recognizable brands have announced a joint venture this morning, entirely based around mobile money. Electronics retailer Best Buy and Monitise have joined to form an entity called “Mobile Money Network” – with the personal backing of Carphone Warehouse founder Charles Dunstone.
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mobile-money-cash-phone Mobile banking is best by SMS, app AND mobile web

Two weeks ago, Orange County’s Credit Union (OCCU) launched a mobile payment option for its 80,000 customers. Created by mobile banking services provider Tyfone, the service allows users to access their banking through either SMS, application or mobile browser. We take a look. Continue reading

mobile-money-cash-phone New mobile payments from Monitise and DeviceFidelity take over your microSD

Two mobile money companies have announced today that they are joining forces for a mobile wallet that uses contactless payments. With services from Monitise and technology from DeviceFidelity, the product will let you use your mobile phone to pay for goods by simply waving it over a reader. Not a new idea, by any means, but they’re approaching it from an unusual angle – through microSD cards.
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mobile money cash feature Payforit: the mobile payment system that UK operators forgot

When every UK operator joined forces to create a single, universal mobile payment system, you could have expected that more would come of it. But while Payforit has never been a huge headline grabber, there are many companies working steadily to push its uptake and use. We sat down with Paul Paterson, Operations Director of ImpulsePay, a Payforit provider, to talk about where Payforit is now and what the future holds for the operator-backed system. Continue reading

Marks and Spencer M&S Mobile shopping site from M&S gets 1.2m users

Marks & Spencer is one of the biggest retailers in the UK – with over 600 branches at home, almost 300 abroad, and an annual turnover of £8.4 billion. Today, it has announced some of the results from the launch of its first mobile commerce site, which it created with Mobile Interactive Group and Usablenet. Continue reading

mobile-money-cash-phone Mobile payments give flat hunters a head start

It’s that time of year – as all the colleges and universities start back in, there are gangs of roving students desperate to find accommodation. is one of the biggest flat and house sharing websites in the UK, and it is using mobile payments to make life easier for flat hunters by giving them a head start on everyone else. Continue reading

mobile money cash feature Banks need to go mobile to improve customer opinion

New research from digital agency YouGov has revealed that banks could hugely improve their customer’s opinions by launching mobile banking services. The study, commissioned by on-line financial services company Intelligent Enviroments, reveals that 25% of people aged between 18 and 34 would be more approving of their bank if they were offered mobile features. Continue reading

mobile-money-cash-phone Students can pay their bills by SMS in Philadelphia’s Universtity City

In West Philadelphia, there’s an area called University City. With a huge number of University’s in the neighborhoods that comprise the City, it also has a large number of students. Today, it has been announced that SMS-based mobile payment services are being rolled out to the students.
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Jacksonville_Jaguars_helmet_rightface Order food to your seat with mobile barcodes from Mobio

Mobio is a Canadian company that combines mobile payments with barcode technology. It uses mobile barcode scans to enable credit card transactions, allowing consumers to pay for items as quickly as scanning a barcode. And today it has announced a new technology test in Florida that will see attendees at football games ordering drinks and food up to their seats with barcodes. Continue reading

wecomm weComm & Bango offer 1-stop-shop for mobile developers

Rating: Develope for anyhting, then bill for it

So what do you do next after creating your killer mobile app? You need to be able to sell and then monitor who’s buying it. Satisfying his very basic need is what Bango and weComm hope they have done by forming an alliance. weComm takes care of the application creation and Bango provides the mobile analytics and payment collection service. All the application developer has to do is come up with the bright idea. Continue reading

mobile money cash feature Mobile barcodes power cash transfer as Cimbal launches

Back in April, we covered the announcement of upcoming mobile payment service, Cimbal. As the company announces its public launch today, we look over the service again – it looks nice, but is there any good reason for consumers to start using it yet? Continue reading

mobile-money-cash-phone Mobile banking app for TD Bank hits iPhone and Android

TD Bank is one of the top 15 banks in the USA – serving mostly the North East. It has announced a new free-to-download mobile application for both Android and iPhone – with a Blackberry app to follow in the near future. Continue reading

mobile shopping iphone feature Turn your iPhone into a checkout counter: PayMaster

Using your mobile device to make a shopping trip easier is one of the most in demand services from phone owners. “Mobile shopping” apps are being released far more often now, and are almost entirely targeted at the shoppers themselves. But PayMaster has just announced a mobile application for retailers, to help them turn any iPhone into a checkout. Continue reading

mobile game football world cup feature Mobile payments from paythru powering £100,000 football giveaway

Strike the Bar provides entertainment during half-time at football matches – by giving punters the chance to win £100,000. To win, you need to kick the ball from the half-way line… and hit the cross bar. Today, mobile payments provider paythru has announced that it will be driving the digital payments for the prize.
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