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The .tel domain gets hyper-specialised mobile search, with new directory-within-a-directory service

monetelize_wave_sm2 Monetelize is a company exists for only one reason: to monetize pages on the .tel mobile domain. Today it has announced its new Yellowtel service. This provides local and vertical mobile search within .tel for hyper-specialised searches in what it calls “micro-niche sectors”
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Mobile voice search launched by Google India, but they should have called it a beta

google-indiaA mobile voice search engine, custom-built by Google India for the Indian market, has launched for free. Currently only Blackberry users can access the internet-style voice search service. But Google India plans to support other handsets by the end of the year. Continue reading

Aloqa mobile search

aloqa Aloqa is a new mobile search company that will go live at MobileBeat tomorrow with a funding announcement. In short: Sanjeev Agrawal (former Head of Google Product Marketing) is the new CEO. Continue reading

Google fudges in-application mobile advertising – GoMo News predictions ring true


There is a good read over at Ad Age. It explains how Google has teething problems with its AdSense for mobile and what you click on often points to a black hole, an online site, a void or a somewhere wrong.

There is an EXCELLENT read hear with instructions on how to opt out of Google Mobile. GoMo News scooped this in 2007 –but it seems like now it is getting other media attention. Continue reading

Your bride is just a mobile search query away: BharatMatrimony launches Wedget


Calling all single men. Your prayers could be answered if you are Indian or based in India. Digital wedding and marriage brokers (we first wrote about in 2007) BharatMatrimony has launched a mobile search for marriage. Continue reading

Limelight Networks Kiptronic: More ex-Infospace/Motricity employees set to conquer mobile


Yesterday I went to the Smaato BBQ in Hamburg. I mentioned on Twitter I was going and a blast from the past Ludo Bergkamp (Infospace Business Development) contacted me on Facebook and asked if he could meet me. I (with Smaato’s permission) invited him to the party. Continue reading

Toda!Cell gets USD 1 million in investment for targeted mobile advertising network

Toda!Cell is a mobile advertising network that has been around for about 18 months. It got seed funding and has since secured USD 1 million in further funding from Afterdox.
What is Toda!Cell?
The premise of the mobile advertising is 100% transparency.  It shares and monitors performance down to the bare banner. Granularity is vital and this [...]

Geodelic GPS based search start-up gets USD 3.5 million


Geodelic is a GPS mobile search start-up with a killer sexy red hot user interface. I first heard about the company here. Continue reading

Leading developers from across mobile entertainment use DeviceAnywhere

device_anywhere DeviceAnywhere sent a wonderfully self-serving release out today, about leading developers that are using it’s application testing platform. Mobile search company Taptu, mobile games developer Twistbox Entertainment, and mobile marketing and advertising company Velti are all leaders in their industries – and they’re all using DeviceAnywhere to bring their product to market sooner. Continue reading

New branded mobile advertising from go2 launches for Transformers

meganfox Local mobile search specialist go2 Media has launched new mobile advertising service called Dynamic Content Marketing. The mobile site for go2 delivers local entertainment and information to users – and the new service allows front pages on the site to be branded, and have one-click links integrated into the page. Continue reading

Getfugu Mobile Search, visual search and voice search

Now, we have written about  Getfugu  before on GoMo News and Cian wasn’t too impressed. But today I just spend 30 minutes or so checking out the company and the service and various content.
Well Getfugu launched a new press release today saying that it has partnered with Interpublic’s (IPG) Emerging Media Lab, a leading center [...]

@Hit Barcelona University student from China founds instant search widget popIn

I saw a search solution at Hit Barcelona and made a beeline to the company Popin. I found sitting in front of me Tao Cheng.
Tao Cheng is from China. He went to Japan to study at University he is a doctor -but then he created a mobile search solution and now – he is a [...]

Amazon acquires mobile search engine SnapTell – a match made in heaven?

Amazon’s search division, A9, has acquired mobile search service SnapTell. SnapTell is an image-recognition app that can identify the cover a piece of media (like a book, DVD or computer game) through a cameraphone and return pricing info and reviews from the web.

SnapTell has been consistently high in the list of the most popular iPhone [...]

GoMo Buzzwatch: Android update for Google Maps causes jubilation

Googles most recent updates to its Android Google Maps application has caused a sort of joy-splosion in many quarters. The new features are pretty funky, and include voice search and new mapping features.
The update in brief:

•    Voice search – you can now just speak your query into Google Maps instead of typing. It understands American, [...]

Mobile search engine Taptu launches iPhone app

Mobile search specialist Taptu has launched its long-awaited iPhone application today. The company has been operating mobile search from a mobile site that any phone can access, but the new app has been seriously optimised for the touch-screen user – and the iPhone user in particular.

The two main aims of the new Taptu app are [...]