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Tablets to replace laptops in the workplace within 10 years, EE research reveals

Research from EE reveals that more than half (52%) of UK workers say tablets will replace laptops in the workplace within 10 years
Almost a third (31%) said that workplace laptop usage is declining, and 24% of workers say they have now transitioned to tablets
Businesses are also keeping tablets for longer, with 30% keeping their tablets for over three years
In light of this, EE is launching the UK’s first 36-month tablet plan specifically built for small businesses customers. It provides a cost-effective option that better reflects how small businesses purchase and use tablets, and compliments EE’s shorter term tablet plans
Case study: Sailing holiday provider Sunsail is using 4G tablets from EE to reduce costs by over £10,000 annually and increase customer engagement by up to 60%

Press release

September 3rd 2015. Tablet adoption is speeding up in the workplace, and tablets are predicted to replace laptops within 10 years, according to new research undertaken by EE. Continue reading

Charlene_Sampilo Guest Post: 8 guitar apps for an iPad worth considering

by Charlene Sampilo, a writer for

Nowadays, it’s possible for guitarists to play tunes; record their music; and experiment with various chords with the help of iPad apps. So below are my eight favourite iPad apps which budding guitarists might want to consider. The list includes: – Guitarist’s Reference, AmpliTube, TabToolkit, Capo, ChordMate, Logic’s Guitar Recording Toolbox, Guitar Tuner, and AmpKit+.

1. Guitarist’s Reference

Guitarist’s Reference is an intelligent guitar application will teach people the right scale on which to play a certain root chord. Continue reading

affiliate_window_april iPad owners buy more and spend more says Affiliate Window

Monthly UK mobile tracker shows £1 in every £4 comes from mobile

A comprehensive picture of the UK mobile landscape has been provided by Affiliate Window with its Monthly Mobile Tracker mobile statistics for April [2014]. The company is able to obtain these stats because it works with major retailers and web site owners such as John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Sky, British Telecom and Here at GoMo News we were particularly interested by the figures for online sales broken out by mobile OS. For example, Android smartphones accounted for 25.12 per cent of smartphone traffic and 25.61 per cent of sales. However, an iPad typically converts at 3 per cent above Android tablets. Plus iPad users not only convert at a much higher rate than their Android counterparts, but also spend significantly more when they do. Continue reading

fisker's photo is in the post Guest Post: My highlights from MWC 2014 Barcelona

by Greg Beck, a tech writer who works with Hyperoptic

Each and every year, the Mobile World Congress (MWC) offers us the possibility of taking a good look at some of the latest and most exciting smartphones available on the market, but also allows us to discover new and ground-breaking devices and applications before anybody else. This year’s edition of the MWC took place between February 24th-27th [2014] in the city of Barcelona, where leading figures such as WhatsApp’s CEO, Jan Koum, and Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, joined the audience in order to share their vision about what to expect in the near future. Continue reading

- ekholm Improve you brand and revenue with iPad apps

Think of it as a completely different channel

Attendees at the Publishing & Media show at Earls Court London yesterday [February 25th 2014] were more likely than many to focus on iPad rather than smartphone apps. A presentation by one of the founders of mag+, Staffan Ekholm, focussed on how you might use this particular platform to build both your revenue and your brand.He proposed that a device-specific focus could bring significant rewards. Continue reading Indians are buying more & more low cost tablets for calling

by our Indian correspondent, Asif Shaik

The tablet PC market in India has enjoyed significant growth in 2013. It is expected that six million tablet units will have been shipped in 2013. According to TechSci Research, the tablet market in India generated around $2 billion revenue in 2013. Although Apple may be the King in worldwide tablet sales and revenue, the growth of tablets in India seems to be extremely favouring Android, mainly due to availability of low cost devices. Continue reading

Using a tablet inside a UK hospital for Skype

Handset Clinic:- micro SIM; tethering or MiFi the answer

A British reader, Jon P, has written into GoMo News asking for help with a specific connectivity problem. He has purchased a Lenovo Yoga 10 tablet (model 60047) from John Lewis with micro SIM card slot. His wife is having to spenf three weeks in a Basingstoke [UK] hospital. She wants to be able to video call with her family (via Skype) as well as using the BBC’s iPlayer for tv catch-up and downloading books. The hospital definitely doesn’t offer access to Wi-fi. What can he do? Continue reading

samsung_tabpro12-2 CES: Samsung introduces three new Android tablets

Launched under the brand name TabPRO

Having earlier announced the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 at a CES Press conference, Samsung confirmed three new Samsung Galaxy TapPRO slate style tablets with display sizes of and 12.2, 10.1 and 8.4 inches. The reasoning behind announcing these big-sized display tablets is to beat Apple’s iPad Air range. We have already seen Samsung’s consumer tablets which are developed simply to cater to entertainment needs and tagged as cheap Android tablets. Now it’s time to discover the company’s new professional devices. Continue reading

Juniper_in-app_spend Spend on in-app ads will increase fivefold by 2018

Latest predictions for spend on in-app advertising from Juniper Research

According to a new report from Juniper Research in-app mobile adspend should reach $16.9 billion by 2018 – up from $3.5 billion in 2013. The report says growth will be driven by several key factors including: – improved targeting capabilities plus a trend for more effective interactive rich media ads to be deployed in preference to traditional static display advertising. Plus tablets will close the adspend gap on smartphones. Continue reading

mulhern views gomo news on the eye Microsoft needs to keep its Eye on Windows 8 tablets like the Visconte

GoMo predicts prroducts from the likes of Prestigio will slaughter desktop PC sales

And so to London (and probably England’s) most famous tourist attraction – the London Eye. GoMo News has just attended the launch of a new range of Windows 8 based tablets from Prestigio. One of the models in this Visconte range will sport a socket for a 3G SIM card (offering speeds up to 21 Mbit/s) but at the actual launch that model was not in attendance. But never mind, GoMo conclusively proved that although having a SIM slot is a big bonus, it isn’t exactly a necessity. What is interesting is that tablet ranges such as the Visconte range are going to prove yet another nail in the coffin of the PC in the office environment. Continue reading

uk budget tablet web traffic UK bricks & mortar retailers may end the Kindle/Nexus tablet duopoly looks @ UK budget tablet traffic for its  Chart of The Week (CoTW)

Ever since Google’s Nexus 7 was launched back in June 2012, The UK market has seen many devices being released in the budget price range – which is roughly under £250). However, until recently there have been two dominant devices: – the Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD (7″). Currently the pair have a combined share of 88.43 per cent of the UK’s budget tablet web traffic. Impressive as that might seem it has actually dropped from a massive 96.23 per cent over the last 3 months. The main threat to the Big Two is coming from the UK bricks & mortar retailers such as the supermarkets. Tesco was the first to show its hand with the Hudl but Aldi (LifeTab) and Argos (Mytablet) have also recently released new budget tablets into the market. It will be interesting to see what happens after new tablet owners open their Xmas stockings. Continue reading

RIP Avoca 7" Going, going gone – Carphone’s budget tablet

All sold out, but this particular device lasted barely a fortnight

That old adage, You Only Get What You Pay For, proves as true here at GoMo Towers as elsewhere. Having rushed to buy Carphone’s £49 Avoca tablet just over a fortnight ago, when the retailer revealed it was under-cutting even Tesco’s in the battle for budget handsets this Christmas, yesterday [14th November 2013] we had to give it back again after it died a premature death. No amount of charging, button pushing or growling would bring the 7 inch screen back to life. It was as dead as Monty Python’s proverbial parrot. Continue reading

Juniper_AR&Glass Smartphones to dominate AR adoption despite smart glasses

Almost 200m Augmented Reality [AR] users by 2018 says Juniper Research

The mobile Augmented Reality (AR) market is set to increase dramatically from 60 million unique users in 2013 to nearly 200 million in 2018, according to the latest study from Juniper Research. The company forecasts that AR will become a key future platform for communication and commerce despite initial trepidation and single use applications of the technology. Initial innovations will stem from games, such as Google Ingress, but the technology will expand to include lifestyle and fitness apps. Juniper believes that the forthcoming smart spectacles sector (like Google Glass) will help to evolve this sector but tablets and smartphones will dominate AR. Continue reading

Kaz Hirai’s One Sony motto is really working

by our Indian correspondent

Once one of the largest mobile phone brand in the mid 2000s, Sony fell to negligible market share in 2010. But starting in 2013, Sony is turning out to be a strong competitor again. This turnaround happened right after Kazou Hirai was named at Sony’s CEO in 2012. Kazou Hirai is famously known as the father of PlayStation. As soon as he was named as the CEO of Sony, he said, “We need to be a more focussed company.” he also coined the slogan – One Sony. Continue reading

some men love their iPads more than women Apple fanboys prefer broken heart to broken iPad screen

Survey finds tech-mad men are even more obsessed than we thought

A shock survey by money saving website,, has found that over 5 per cent (one in twenty) of tech mad men would rather have a broken heart instead of a broken iPad. Apple’s fanbois are even more obsessed than we had thought, GoMo News concludes. This new survey asked 480 men if they would sacrifice a relationship to save their favourite gadgets. A heartless five per cent said they would rather be without love than without their smartphone. This was followed by four per cent who would ditch their partner to save their laptop. Continue reading