Claritics adds HTML5 support to its cross-Platform analytics suite

Rating: Compare user behaviours on Facebook to Android

It really does appear that HTML5 apps are finally set to grown massively. In response, Claritics has introduced a release of its Social Intelligence Suite. Significantly, it provides developers with a single analytic framework for tracking HTML5 user data across Facebook, Android, iOS and other platforms. Claritics already provides analytics solutions for social and mobile applications. As Raj Pai, CEO with Claritics, explained, “With the rising tide of HTML5 and the number of applications being written in this quickly emerging language, many of our customers were asking to use our analytics for their HTML5 apps.” The company claims this is the first time app developers have had an analytics solution that helps track user behavioural and social interaction data across multiple platforms.

Basically the Social Intelligence Suite gives developers an insight into the differences in campaigns, content and features and how their users’ behaviour varies across multiple platforms.

These are the sorts of questions, the suite is intended to help HTML5 developers answer :-

Which platforms deliver the most engaged users at the lowest cost of acquisition?
How does user behaviour differ across multiple platforms and devices?
What is the difference in Average Revenue Per User across different platforms?
Which content is most or least popular and how does consumption vary by platform?

The company claims that these insights are crucial to the success of any new application. They are especially critical when launching an HTML5 app or a game.

They will also help developers decide how best to acquire new users and scale the business using data-driven user acquisition, retention and monetisation campaigns.

“By providing a single, easy-to-use analytics framework,” Pai added, “We’ve empowered HTML5 app developers to quickly analyse and act on real-time data across multiple channels for profitable growth.”

A free 30-day trial of the Claritics Social Intelligence Suite – with the native HTML5 support – is currently available for developers here.

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