Clean Master helps when Android runs out of space for new apps

Brought to us courtesy of  Prestigio’s Installer programme

Regular GoMo News readers may recall our previous story ‘GoMo seeks ‘insufficient storage available’ solution‘. It’s a problem with entry-level Android handsets which only sport 500 MB (0.5 GB) of internal memory storage. After downloading may be only a dozen or so apps and then the handset starts reporting “Insufficient Storage Available.” We’ve been searching for a viable antidote and thanks to our loan Prestigio PAP 4500, we’ve found an app that can really help – Clean Master from KS Mobile.

This discovery was made thanks to a facility which is built into Prestigio handsets by default – known as Prestigio Installer.

Amongst the new apps on offer from Prestigio (for free, of course) was Clean Master which claims to be the world’s most trusted mobile optimiser for Android.

The app’s four main capabilities are: – a junk files remover; an app manager; a memory booster; and a privacy protector.

The first three facilities are relevant here. First off, as soon as you run Clean Master it will tell you if you are in deep trouble already with lack of internal memory storage space.

We found that Clean Master took us from a highly unhealthy 82% full internal memory to an impressive and more workable 33% full.

The first thing you need to do is remove junk files.  The app will analyse and safely remove junk files that are taking up storage space in internal memory.

Next, go to the ‘App Manager. There’s a facility in there to move apps from internal memory to the SD card (removeable memory).

Use that first, then utilise the app manager to remove and/or back up any apps on the smartphone that aren’t in regular use.

Finally, there’s ‘Memory Boost’ which kill off buggy apps that slow down the smartphone by stealing memory.

GoMo reckons that the curated apps facility offered by the Prestigio Installer programme, really will help to retain customer loyalty for the handset vendor.

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