Click-to-call helps with Adwords click-thru says Google

Also extremely important during mobile purchasing phase

40m calls driven by Google Ads - carrington

Businesses that do not offer click-to-call risk damaging their brand image and could lose customers, new research from Google has revealed. Click-to-call is seen as most important for mobile searchers in the purchase phase. 48 per cent find it extremely important to be able to call the business when they are about to make a purchase and 36 per cent need it when researching an item or service. This new research was commissioned from Ipsos, an independent market research company.

Previous Google Adwords research found that the service increases average ad click-through rate by 8 per cent.

Ian Carrington, director of performance solutions & innovation with Google, observed,  “Globally, we know that 40 million calls are driven by Google Ads each month so it’s fair to say that click-to-call is a clear sales driver.”

He continued, “Moreover, for businesses that haven’t yet built a responsive or mobile site, click-to-call is a great way to ensure consumers can still reach your business easily, showing that mobile advertising doesn’t just have to be for the mobile-ready.”

Other findings include the fact that 36 per cent of mobile searchers indicated they would be more likely to explore other brands if click-to-call was not offered.

sk:n used click-to-call as part of an AdWords enhanced campaign, resulting in a 42 per cent increase in calls.

The business changed its mobile search result messaging to encourage consumers to make calls rather than visit the website.

Results showed that click-to-call conversion rate was 26 times higher than that of the standard mobile campaign.

Additionally, the enquiry-to-consultation conversion rate for the click-to-call mobile campaign was 2.2 times higher compared to all search channels.

Full details can be found in the full Press release here.

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