Consumer claims brewery stole his MISDN for marketing

Rating: We’re still waiting for Greene King to comment

An Epsom (UK) man, who refuses to be named, has claimed that the Greene King brewery has stolen his mobile telephone number (MISDN). He has started to receive marketing text messages from his local public house but insists he has never given out the telephone number. The reason he’s so positive is that the Vodafone PAYG number in question is only used for communication with his mistress. So how did the number fall into the brewer’s hands, then? The only explanation he can think of is that he leant the handset to his girlfriend to put records onto the pub jukebox. GoMobile News has been in constant communication with the brewery but they’ve yet to confirm or deny the allegation.The pub’s system allowed pub goers to request certain tracks by sending text messages to the machine.

The jukebox has subsequently been removed, hence GoMobile News is unable to confirm the allegation. We can’t try it for ourselves.

We asked Greene King if there was any disclaimer on the jukebox – in small print, perhaps?

Sadly they also haven’t given us the name of the jukebox service provider so we could check with the company.

Anyway, GoMobile News has received a comprehensive reaction from industry body – the Mobile Marketing Association. Below is the body’s answer to the question, “has somebody somewhere has breached MMA guidelines.”

Paul Berney, CMO and md for EMEA with the Mobile Marketing Association, commented, “This type of situation is one of the main reasons the MMA was formed.

It can be difficult for both organisations and consumers to know where they stand on these types of issues.

So, we offer our members a code of conduct which provides privacy principles for mobile marketers addressing the perceived definition of spam and giving the industry the tools to self-regulate.

Privacy is, after all, an issue that is always going to be front of mind.

The Mobile Marketing Association and our members work to the six C’s of privacy. Firstly – choice. Mobile marketing is only acceptable to consumers that opt-in to receive it.

Similarly, those who opt-in must have an easy way to opt out and should be able to set limitations on the messages received.

This is control and constraint. Customisation is also important as analysing what messages are most appropriate to which consumer will help optimise message volume, ROI and improve relevance to the consumer.

This will improve the perceived value of a mobile marketing campaign – consideration. And finally, we recommend the organisations ensure – confidentiality.

This means aligning privacy policies between carrier and brand in order to avoid situations such as the one that developed here.”

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