Curing an iPhone 4 that won’t connect over 3G to Vodafone

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Having wasted a great deal of time cursing because we couldn’t get a loan iPhone 4 to connect to the Internet via 3G, it seems a jolly good idea to share the quick fix  solution with our readers. Basically, the error message you might receive is that the iPhone 4 tells you that it cannot connect to the Internet because you don’t have a mobile data subscription. In this case, an awfully nice Vodafone help centre engineer talked us through the necessary steps towards the cure in minutes and ended hours of frustration.

The brief answer is that the nuts and bolts settings which have been automatically fed into the iPhone are wrong. In short, you have the incorrect APN (Access Point Name) setting.

In this very specific case, the APN had been set to Actually what it should have been was

Make that tiny change; reboot the iPhone; and voila the iPhone connects to the Internet as intended.

How can you tell if you’ve got the same problem? Well, it seems the fault didn’t initially show up because data connexions had previously been made over Wi-Fi – so the lack of a working 3G connexion was masked.

It was particularly annoying because along the top line of the iPhone’s screen, it was not only showing a connexion to Vodafone UKbut also that it was a 3G connexion, too.

We can only speculate that the same thing might happen to you on a completely different network from Vodafone. What might have triggered it, you may well ask?

Well, we’d just updated the handset to iOS 4.3.2 (8H7). That might have caused the problem but we cannot say for sure.

Anyway, if you want to change the APN to the correct setting, you should be able to reach the correct menu by selecting … Settings: General: network: Mobile Data Network.

Once cured, you can download apps from the App Store over 3G and surf over 3G using the Safari browser.

We won’t say who’d loaned the iPhone given that it was blatantly and entirely not their fault.

But if you are on Vodafone – dialling 191 will get you to the right technician.

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5 Responses to Curing an iPhone 4 that won’t connect over 3G to Vodafone

  1. Tayiba says:

    My iphone4s is still not working on 3G and after 6 my Wi-fi freezes too

  2. graham says:

    Absolutely brilliant. Worked 1st time. Thanks

  3. Lewis says:

    As above, this worked for me too. Even though every other site says it should be WAP, it didn’t work until I changed it to PP!

    Thank you!

  4. r says:

    Hey, i have an iphone 4 and currently on vodafone. Just recently i have topped up £10 onto my phone which included 500Mb of data, 150 texts and a 150 minutes. The first 3 day’s after i had topped up, my 3g was working absolutly fine, however, on the today, being the fourth day, my 3g has stopped working. The symbol ’3g’ still shows up on the screen, however i am unable to connect to the internet or go onto any apps which require internet. Wherever i go my 3g still appears but no connection is apparent so i know the location has nothing to do with it. Once connected to wifi in any zone, connections work perfectly! Ihave tried resetting my phone, mobile data settings, and statistics, i have switched the 3g on and off and switched my phone on and off, despite this, still no luck. I am based in the UK and have had my iphone for nearly a year! I have even tried changing the ‘wap’ to ‘pp’ as suggested from another site.. This happened quite suddenly and at random and i have no idea what to do…Any suggestions would be grateful?

  5. Adrian says:

    Cheers for that info.
    It worked on my wife iphone 5.
    Now vodafone is working.

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