Custom House hotel selects iBAHN’s Digital in-room entertainment package to gear up for 2012 Olympics

London – iBAHN, the leading provider of digital converged services for hoteliers, today announces that it has won the contract to install ETVi, iBAHN’s complete digital in-room entertainment package, at the Custom House hotel.

Custom House is located opposite the EXCEL Centre in Docklands, close to Canary Wharf, London, making it a popular venue for business travellers that demand high quality internet access and services. The Hotel had already installed iBAHN’s advanced High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) solution in January 2008, upgrading from T-Mobile’s Hotspot service to answer increased demand. Since iBAHN services were introduced in all 278 guest rooms and throughout the entire hotel, including conference spaces and public areas, hotel revenue has increased.

iBAHN’s ETVi delivers digital services direct to the guest room, combining digital TV entertainment, secure high-speed internet services and an electronic booking capability for hotel services, delivered over the Hotel TV, including room service and reservations. Using ETVi, Custom House hotel will be able to totally integrate guest services with entertainment packages, offering multiple revenue streams and improved guest satisfaction from the ease of use of the system and greater choice of high quality entertainment.

Custom House hotel recently won a contract with the London Olympic committee responsible for accommodation to become a preferred hospitality supplier for contractors, volunteers, athletes, presenters, engineers and those involved with the Olympic games.

Amir Ijaz, Area General Manager, Custom House Hotel, comments: “Since installing iBAHN’s HSIA services at the beginning of the year we have seen an impressive growth in revenue. This made the decision to introduce ETVi extremely easy, and one that will offer our customers the next generation in digital in-room entertainment.”

Graeme Powell, managing director EMEA, iBAHN, comments: “The Custom House hotel is a perfect example of how high quality and secure HSIA services can quickly and clearly benefit a hotel’s bottom line. By investing in ETVi digital in-room entertainment, the hotel can expect to see further improvements financially, but also enjoy enhanced guest satisfaction, differentiating its offering from competitors and encouraging repeat bookings.”

The ETVi installation at the Custom House hotel is expected to be completed in September 2008.

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