Discoverability probs to hit 4″ iPhone 5 apps

Rating: Is there room for a 4″-aware app recommendations site?

A chance remark made by fellow hack, Matt Bingham, in his review of the iPhone 5 for the Sunday Times has got GoMobile News thinking. The screen on the iPHone 5 is larger than previous models. It’s now 4″ [inches] rather than 3.5″ as before. This improvement initially confused GoMoble News as we hadn’t realised how small the screen had been. Anyway, the extra ½ inch enables a sixth row of icons to be displayed on the iPhone 5′s main screen. But how will software developers let users know that their apps are 4″ aware? We have our own ideas about aiding discoverability for iPhone 5 users.
Although the 4″ screen is larger across the diagonal, the resolution is the same.

However, the extra bit will enable the handset to play video in the common 16:9 aspect ratio.

But as Bingham points out,”Apps will need to be rewritten to take advantage of this extra space. Until then they run in the centre of the screen with black bars on either side.”

The one sector of the iOS app development community which would love to tout this 4″ awareness is the gaming industry.

This realisation gave GoMobile News an idea on how to solve the discoverability problem.

When we attended the launch of the ZTE Grand X, the demo guy concentrated on its Nvidia Tegra processing capability. Which means it handles Android games well despite its low price.

How do phone gamers find demon games to play on the Grand X? Answer:- they go to what is effectively a sub-section of the Google Play app store known as the TegraZone.

Now it’s hard to believe that Apple would sanction anyone creating their own sub-section of its iTunes App store.

But Box – the cloud based data sharing specialist, has the answer. As we discovered here, Box has created a special ‘Gallery’ facility.

The Gallery highlights those iOS apps which Box recommends. Box’s Chris Yeh, however, revealed that for each app it recommends, the company gets a small cut.

The reason? Because Apple itself hosts all the necessary app purchase transactions – so it was prepared to let Box go ahead.

So an enterprising iPhone 5 fan could set up a 4″ aware app recommendations site and make at least some dosh out of it.

Just an idea.

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