EE customer service truly impresses GoMo

We get a micro-to-regular SIM card adapter for free

As part of GoMo News‘ impending guide on how to survive the Mobile World Congress (MWC) exibition coming up later this month [February 2014], we found ourselves in need of a micro-to-regular SIM card adapter. Previous experience has shown that High Street mobile phone stores charge around £5 ($8.23) whereas if you bother to order one from the Internet such adapters will set you back a more reasonable £1 ($1.6). We fully intended to research the price via the multiple cellular phone shops in Epsom, Surrey. But EE took us completely by surprise. Read on to discover why you might need such an adapter.

One of the independent stores had quoted us £5 for such an adapter, so we then tried Phones 4U.

The sales assistant thought the price was in the region of £5.99 ($9.8) so we made a hasty exist.

Our next port of call, was EE which is our actual MNO [Mobile Network Operator] given that we have been with Orange since its inception.

In the EE store, the helpful assistant established we need the adapter to use our existing SIM in a different handset.

So we were given one for free. Ergo … end of that investigation. Our advice? Go to the High Street store for your own MNO and ask for one. Maybe they’ll all be as accomodating as EE.

Why do you need a micro-to-regular SIM card adapter? All of the Dual SIM handsets we’ve tested need a regular SIM card.

Including the Prestigio Multiphone 4500 Duo [Dual SIM] Android handset we currently have on loan.

Interestingly, the 4500 has one slot which accepts a USIM [3G SIM card] and one which accepts an ordinary SIM card.

But both have to be regular not micro or even nano SIM cards.

GoMo News intends to explain later why you need a Dual SIM handset when attending MWC.

micro-to-regular SIM card adapter

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