Explosion in takeaway orders amongst Brit handset owners

Rating: JUST EAT expects Pizza ordering to migrates from the PC to mobile by 2015

No-one will be surprised by the fact that Brit smartphone users are increasingly using their phones to order takeaway foods. The big news is the extent of this change. According to online ordering specialist, JUST EAT figures for mobile devices increased 350 per cent between Q4 2011 and Q4 2012. JUST EAT therefore expects using a mobile to be the most popular ordering method by 2015. Obviously JUST EAT has responded to this obvious demand by creating a new iPhone app. Curiously, the company hasn’t quite managed to roll out an Android version quite yet. The app was designed by JUSTEAT and developed in-house and in partnership with Grapple Mobile.

The new app follows JUST EAT’s major brand re-positioning, launched in the UK in September with the strapline “Don’t Cook, JUST EAT”, backed by a £5 million spend on a new TV ad campaign.

The new mobile app has already made it to the top of the food and drink section of the Apple iTunes AppStore download charts.

The app makes it feasible to call up menus and user reviews on a iPhone or iPad to see what’s on offer nearby from over 15,000 delivery restaurants across the UK.

According to David Buttress, CCO with JUST EAT, “We experienced a massive increase in mobile orders last year and see mobile as an exciting area for growth in 2013 and beyond.”

He added, “By making this investment to provide the best mobile experience possible to the end customer, we’re enabling our takeaway restaurant partners to compete on a level playing field with the big national players, and capitalise on the explosive growth in mobile.”

See the full Press release here.

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