Forget coffee – Brits are now addicted to mobile phones

Can’t bear to be 17.3m+ away says ECigaretteDirect

A poll conducted by has found that most Brits can’t bear to be more than 17.3 metres away from their phones. Not quite sure how they reached that figure because it is 56 feet 9 inches. A distance GoMo News has no ability to judge whatsoever. But, hey ho! Anyway, the company quizzed over 600 mobile phone users aged between 18 and 35 about how far they could be separated from their phone without getting panicky. And that apparently was the common answer.

Researchers found that on average the furthest respondents could be without their mobile was 26.3 meters (86 feet), just over half the length of an Olympic size
swimming pool.

The study also showed that more than three quarters, 78%, admitted to feeling anxious if their mobile was in a different room to them.

The vast majority, 92%, said they wouldn¹t leave their phone behind on a lunch break, and 16% said that they even became uneasy when they couldn’t see their phone, even if it was in the same room.

Women were the worst offenders when it came to being separated from their phones with 14.6m coming out as the average limit for them. The average distance for men was 20 meters.

Also, almost nine in ten, 87%, of women polled said they wouldn’t feel as safe at night without their phone in their pocket.

One woman surveyed said, “I definitely don’t feel as safe walking around alone without my phone on me.”

“I suppose it’s nice to have that comfort blanket in knowing that your loved ones are only a text message or phone call away.”

“I think I check my phone at least three or four times an hour even when I’m at work just to keep in the loop.”

One man said, “I get that terrible sinking feeling if I¹ve left my phone anywhere. I sometimes break out in cold sweats.”

Another participant said, “I left my phone at home on a work day before and felt panicked. I didn¹t realise how reliant I was on my phone, it was like I had lost a limb.”

A spokesperson for said, “It’s not surprising to see that a large majority of the population are so reliant on their mobiles. You could even argue they have become just as addictive as caffeine or nicotine.”

“We use them so frequently that it has just become part of our daily lives and we can’t bear the idea of being without them.”

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