Forget Fonzie – SATcase for Samsung is cool

Use your smartphone to make a call anywhere – literally

GoMo News has just finished a serious ‘networking’ session with some of the Brit contingent who will be advertising their wares at MWC [Mobile World Congress] Barcelona 2014. There were 20 companies there showing off their wares but the one which has the easiest sales pitch ever is SATcase. This product does exactly what it says on the tin. It adds a satellite communications capability to a regular mobile (cellular) smartphone. Period. If you ain’t got a cellular (GSM) signal, then the case simply switches over to satellite communications via Iridium.

It’s incredible. Think about your existing  smartphone ‘roaming’ onto another network when you are abroad. It costs more but you can do everything you normally want to do.

Well, exactly the same is true with SATcase. Except you ‘roam’ onto a satellite bases service instead of some kind of cellular network.

As the name implies, the SATcase is genuinely a casing that fits around a standard smartphone – think Samsung Gallery S4 at present, and simply adds a satellite communications capability to it.

Currently, SATcase will be you satellite communications provider – so you just pay SATcase for your Iridium usage.

However, the company is seeking global partners and fully expects customers to source the hardware and service provision from a local reseller.

There’s lots of neat little tricks which SATcase has ironed out in order to provide such a ‘roaming’ service.

Here’s a good example. Somebody calls your mobile phone but you’re in the middle of Death Valley [in Nevada, USA].

If you haven’t got a cellular signal, then the network would normally send you to voicemail. In SATcase’s case, the call automatically forwards to the satellite connexion.

So, somebody can call your regular mobile phone number and you can answer in the middle of a desert (thanks to SATcase) seamlessly.

Although you can proably pre-order SATcase hardware right now for around £699, we’d suggest you wait a while.

The product has been specifically designed for search and rescue kinds of applications. So, as such, it has a built-in beacon for location by emergency services.

Those simply located in the middle of nowhere aren’t actually in distress and have no need for such capabilities.

Thus, if SATcase takes our advice it will offer a cut-down version of the product which merely offers the satellite comms bit and none of the other fancy stuff. Simples.

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