Forget the footie – put a Ferrari in your video

Coull finds video completion rates amongst viewers are highest for sports videos

new opportunities to augment their TV ad spend online - watkins

A new study by Coull has found that – despite the hype surrounding the World Cup (soccer/footie) tournament, videos featuring cars are most likely to engage UK online video audiences. The research found that 61 per cent of viewers watched sport related videos to the end. Coull is a provider of video monetisation technology and it has recently analysed 12 million videos plays. Irfon Watkins, Coull’s CEO, cobserved, “The most lucrative event in sports advertising – the football World Cup – has now kicked off. With millions of pounds being allocated to TV advertising during coverage. Online sports publishers should be looking at ways to give brands new opportunities to augment their TV ad spend online.”

GoMo News has always argued that motor sports – particularly F1 [Formula One] are underrated in their importance to Brits.

For example, the UK’s richest sports personalities at present are Lewis Hamilton and Jensen Button. Not soccer players but F1 drivers.

One way where publishers can entice brands is by providing access to inventory where video viewers are demonstrably engaged in category-specific content, Watkins argued.

Irfon Watkins continued, “For online video publishers and brands alike, completion rates are an important metric, revealing what video content engages viewers the most.”

He added, “Video advertising has exploded in recent years with further growth expected over the next twelve months.”

“But with premium pre-roll inventory scarce, publishers must unlock additional revenue streams that will also prove an attractive proposition for brands – such as in-video advertising or post-roll.”

Strong completion rates show engagement, Watkins argues. A staggering 75 per cent of viewers remain engaged a quarter into sports films – dipping slightly to 62 per cent at the half way point.

“If publishers can identify their most valuable inventory and make it available via new ad formats with contextual content-level targeting, they’ll be able to provide a highly effective advertising model for brands,” Watkins said.

Meanwhile they can increase, “their own revenue simply through more effective monetisation of existing inventory.”

The research is based on analysis of 12.4 million video plays across 60 countries from Coull’s global video network during May 2014.

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