Founder and Editor Bena Roberts to leave GoMo News on March 1 2012

I started GoMo News five years ago from my kitchen table and after some time in Ireland in lavish offices or GoMo News Towers (as we called them) …. I end it here back on my kitchen table.

I have learnt so much these past five years and I wouldn’t change them one bit.  Even though it was awful, I wouldn’t even change the bit about having breast cancer, chemotherapy and radiation.  Having a start-up, living social media, fighting cancer, throwing amazing parties, meeting amazing people and travelling the world – has just made me stronger.

I am proud that I grew GoMo News from zero to a million readers.  That is an achievement and it was bloody hard work.
Last year I sold my half of GoMo News and in that contract, I was to work six months.  On March 1, these six months are over and it is time for me to move on.

So, the next two weeks will be my last.  I will meet and party with all of you at Mobile World Congress and I can’t wait to see all my friends, readers and supporters one last time.
Tony Dennis will become the new Editor and I will start looking for something new.  Not sure what, but I am sure I will find something!

About Bena Roberts

GoMo News' founder and former managing editor, Bena Roberts has now moved on. She's now spending more time with her family. Tony Dennis has now assumed her mantle as the site's editor.
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7 Responses to Founder and Editor Bena Roberts to leave GoMo News on March 1 2012

  1. Bena,
    Enjoyed the past five years with you. I’ll be sorry not to be reading your reviews! My best to you…

  2. Bena,
    Looking forward to partying @ MWC with you and reliving some of the ‘good’ times we’ve shared over the past 5 yrs.
    Hoping your legacy remains intact.
    Un abrazo.

  3. Bena Roberts says:

    Thank-you Giff and thank-you Andrew plus all the other messages I got. I can’t wait to party with you at MWC – it will be GREAT!!

    Hugs Bena

  4. Hi Bena,

    You’ve done a tremendous job these past years. All the best for the future!


  5. Bena Roberts says:

    Thank-you Hugh! That is very very nice of you,

  6. Hi Bena,
    You have done an awesome job on all fronts and have amazing results to show for it. I look forward to seeing you at the party!

  7. Bena Roberts says:

    Thanks Peggy – will you also be at the Lounge on Sunday its only for mobile marketers? Let me know! Otherwise see you Tuesday at the Blender!

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