Friday silliness courtesy of Three/3UK

Make a video of yourself with 3UK’s advert cats

It appears that UK MNO [Mobile Network Operator] Three UK (3UK) has got itself a new British TV ad campaign. The ad seems to be entitled ‘SingItKitty’ and involves three youngsters pedalling their push bikes around a cul-de-sac whilst the music in the background is Jefferson Starship’s smash hit – ‘We Built This City [on rock'n'roll]‘. We’ve always not that the gang at 3UK aren’t pin-stripe wearing stuffy types so the company has created something of a fun app – which runs on the web. Find it here

Thanks to an  innovative web-app hosted app (so you can run it on any smartphone), you and your mates can star alongside 3UK’s feline friend in a personalised version of the new advert.

Using face morphing technology, anyone can upload an image of themselves, or themselves with their friends, onto the app.

If you view the app from a desktop, it advises you to try it out with your mobile phone as it is easy, for example, to take a picture of yourself with the handset’s front facing camera.

Once you’ve taken the pic (and we added two friends’ pics from their Facebook profiles), the website then cleverly super-imposes the uploaded photos onto the characters in the advert

It really is quite watch yourself and your chums sing seamlessly to We built This city , while tearing up the road on trendy tricycles.

This resulting video also features dramatic eighties gestures, lightning bolts and raining cat images.

Naturally, 3UK hopes those who take the time will share the results with their friends using the #SingItKitty hashtag.

It was worth the effort. Click on the link below to see the resulting video.


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