GoMo News gets deeper into WhatsApp

Reader tries to plug his “free” WhatsApp site
*Update. This page now contains the latest information.

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By a fortunate co-incidence two WhatsApp related developments have happened simultaneously. One of our readers, Sergio Lopez,  has asked us to publicise a site he has created called ‘Free Whatsapp‘. At the same time, our marketing and advertising manager – Geoff Dennis, has launched an initiative to promote GoMo News‘ presence on WhatsApp. We’ve already established a GoMo group on WhatsApp and are now asking potential writers to contact us via the popular IM system.

Now this Free Whatsapp site is intriguing. Mostly because WhatsApp is  nominally free in the first place. Well, for the first year is, anyway.

What the site is trying to promote is that instant messaging (IM) between all of the major mobile platforms is free. And provide the links to the various app stores.

What Lopez doesn’t realise, of course, is that he will now get bombarded with angry emails from Nokia N73 owners demanding to know why the Nokia N73 isn’t supported by WhatsApp.

Even though we’ve provided the answer ourselves on numerous occasions. For example in this story … ‘Nokia S60 handsets capable of running Whatsapp‘.

As far as the GoMo WhatsApp group goes, Geoff Dennis says, “We have a number of interns here at GoMo Towers currently, each with a different skill set, so we don’t always know who would best handle a story.”

“Rather than hawking the potential story round to each of them in turn to find a
taker, a rather protracted process which might also not result in the best
candidate taking on the story, we’ve decided to use technology to let them tell

“We set up a WhatsApp group and invited all potential contributors to join. When
we have a new potential story, we post it to the group.”

“They all get to see it at the same time, and tell us when they think they’re able to take it on.”

“This also means that each get to see a bit more of what’s going on. It seems to be
working well so far!”

And we’re sure that WhatsApp likes as much publicity as it can possibly get.

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