GoMo News tries to place mobile bet on Grand National

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Every year, there is one horse race in the calendar here in Blighty (the UK) on which even Joe Public bothers to have a flutter. That race is the Grand National and it is today [14th April 2012]. Given that betting has always been one of the applications quoted as being entirely suitable for the mobile web (even back in the dark old days of WAP), GoMobile News has always decided to investigate how easy it is to do. This year there is a twist. We are determined to place the bet from our W7 Mango Nokia Lumia 800 handset. It’s about the one mobile OS that the British bookies (betting shops) don’t seem to support. Let’s see if it works.What are the options? Well, first off there are three apps on the Windows Phone Marketplace.

The Sports Betting App from Team Akatsuki which costs 99 pence; Bet7 from Dugong Software which costs 79 pence and Bet2Win Lite from Venikom Mobile which is free.

Guess which one we downloaded? Yup. Bet2Win Lite. Only to find that it doesn’t support horse racing so there are no hot tips for the race using this app.

One problem with placing any bet is that you normally have to set up an account with a betting company in order to be able to place the bet online.

Given that we have been trying the same trick for years, GoMobile News has built up a whole collection of accounts with bookies. Examples being, Blue Square, Sky Bet, Paddy Power, etc.

However, it struck us that it would be best to go with a mobile app which enables you to place a bet with whichever of the leading bookies you fancied. And that app is Bet2Go – which is free, of course.

One of the easiest ways of getting this app is to text the word ‘BET’ to 60602. The system will then send you a URL so you can download the app which will work best on your particular type of smartphone. You could also visit http://m.bet2go.com as well.

There are a number of app variants which Bet2Go offers. These include iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Java TouchScreen, Java mobile and ‘Other smartphone’.

On the Nokia Lumia 800 W7 Mango phone we tried a number of the options and the only one which even remotely seemed to work was the Other Smartphone option.

We clicked this and the system informed us that the app was downloading and that the process could take a bit of time.

We’re not sure if Bet2Go’s system was particularly busy on Grand National day but the download didn’t work.

Never mind, because it is entirely possible to go onto Bet2Go’s web site using the Internet Explorer browser. You could always try the WAP portal, too which is http://wap.bet2go.com.

GoMobile News tried to place a bet on the horse Synchronised but we’re still waiting for Bet2Go’s system to confirm out payment details.

Wish us luck!

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Tony is currently Editor of GoMobile News. He's a veteran telecoms journalist who has previously worked for major printed and online titles. Follow him on Twitter @GoMoTweet.
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3 Responses to GoMo News tries to place mobile bet on Grand National

  1. Matt Bushell says:

    We are sorry you were not able to place your bet on Bet2Go, we are working hard on making the “Other Smartphone” option work with Silverlight (WinPho browser) but its a tricky little beast to develop for, particularly since the app is HTML5 where debugging is troublesome in Windows OS.

    On Android we simply wrap it up in an embedded browser. On the Microsoft platform this is not an option because the embedded browser does not support the background XML requests which we depend on to get the Odds for display.

    The wap version should certainly work and would be easier to use than the full website on a mobile device. http://wap.bet2go.com, I have raised a ticket to add this to the list of available options from the page you refer to (that has the “Other Smartphone” option).

    Please contact our support team who will be happy to help regarding the account approval. Support contact can be found on the website. http://www.bet2go.com.

  2. Tony Dennis says:

    Actually Matt, we have nothing but praise for the support Bet2Go provided. we look forward to the W7 Mango version

  3. Hi GoMo News,

    Shame you didnt try Bet7 from Dugong Software. We very much support back and lay bets through the Betfair exchange for all horse racing events.

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