GoMo seeks blogger for CES Las Vegas 2014

One of our interns has gone missing so we have no direct coverage

Amongst the best laid plans of mice and men was the fact that GoMo News thought it had lined up a trainee (intern) to write stories for this web site from the forthcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, USA between January 7th-10th [2014]. Unfortunately, the person has pulled out of writing stories for us at the last moment. So we were rather hoping that a GoMo News reader who fancies a bit of heavy duty exposure for his or her scribblings might want to step into the breach. All we can promise, really is your 15 minutes of internet fame!

What we can offer, however, is guidance in writing stories that are aimed back at the mobile/cellular industry itself (Business to business or B2B).

As opposed to writing stories aimed at the consumer (business to consumer or B2C) which are far easier to produce.

We also might be able to help with registering for the show for those who haven’t attended before.

If you are interested in helping out, please send an email to the Editor – editor @ gomonews dot com with an indication of where you have posted stories before.

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GoMo News welcomes contributions from anyone inside the mobile/cellular sector. If you'd like to talk about sponsoring pages on this publication please email to ads@gomonews.com. Follow us on Twitter @GoMoTweet
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