GoMo speculates the Jakarta Blackberry may be Dual SIM

BlackBerry’s marketing does seem to be getting slicker

A chance encounter with some of Blackberry UK’s marketing efforts got us thinking here at GoMo Towers. Is BlackBerry finally awakening to the subtleties of smartphone marketing? Its new hardware – apparently code-named Jakarta,  is rumoured to be set for release in late February [2014]. So it could appear at the MWC Barcelona show which would be a logical move. Unlike the Z10 which was released mere weeks after the critical Xmas sales season. So, BlackBerry could see the light and release a Dual SIM version of a BlackBerry for the important Asian markets.

There seems to be little doubt – as we reported here, that the next generation of BlackBerry handsets will be manufactured in China by Foxconn.

Anyone who follows the Chinese market will know that Dual SIM phones are extremely popular in that country – as they are in most other Asian territories – such as India.

There are a multitude of reasons why the ability to connect to two different GSM networks simultaneously is an advantage.

And if – as the codename implies, the next BlackBerry really is aimed at the Indonesian market, having a Dual SIM option is a brilliant marketing ploy.

There are, of course, fake BlackBerries kicking around. Just go onto YouTube and you can see replica BlackBerry 9700s with Dual SIMs being demonstrated.

Evidence of the obvious demand for a Dual SIM version of a BlackBerry can be gauged by the fact that at least one manufacturer, Simore, offers a whole bunch of adapters it claims will work with existing BlackBerry phones here.

The old refrain that producing Dual SIM phones will harm the maker’s relationship with leading MNOs [Mobile Network Operators] no longer applies.

BlackBerry is in deep trouble and needs to sell all the handsets it can plus the world’s largest MNO – China Mobile would laugh at suggestions it boycotts makers of Dual SIM phones.

meanwhile back in Blighty [UK], BlackBerry UK has had a jolly good go at selling us a Q5 (which runs BB10, of course).

It provided us with a link to Unlocked Mobiles here, which will happily sell us a SIM free Q5 for £199.84 (inc taxes).

Given how many Brits are locked in 24 month contracts, SIM free is looking the best way out for those still stuck with Blackberry 7 devices.

Below is a YouTube video of a fake BlackBerry very obviously sporting a Dual SIM capability.

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