Goodspeed rescues Brit pub from Wi-fi loss

Uros’ device makes ideal portable Wi-fi hotspot

As we mentioned last week here, in the area where GoMo Towers are located, customers of BSkyB’s Sky Talk fixed broadband and voice telephone found themselves without any services. The outage lasted for around two days with customers in the Ewell, Surrey area finding themselves the worst hit. GoMo helped out one stricken reader by loaning him a 3G dongle kindly supplied to us by Three (3UK). What we hadn’t counted on was our local hostelry, the Eight Bells, being stricken as well. The folk there didn’t have their voice calls sourced through Sky. But they did rely on the Wi-Fi hotspot services provided by The Cloud – which is actually a BSKyB company.

So, all of a sudden, drinkers in the Eight Bells began complaining about the lack of Wi-fi connectivity and regulars like Dougie ‘Nine-Fingers’ Smythe were in particular miffed [upset].

Then it dawned on GoMo News that the solution was sitting in an office drawer unused since our last review here. The Goodspeed from Uros.

Although we’d used this device to provide web connectivity for a tablet which didn’t have a SIM card slot, it can easily be utilised as a portable Wi-fi hotspot.

Basically, the Goodspeed is like a smartphone in a permenant state of offering Wi-fi tethering. It’s fitted with cellular SIM cards and converts that into Wi-fi connectivity.

So we rushed the Goodspeed down to the Eight Bells and gave the password to anyone who asked for it. Instant Wi-fi connectivity. Simples.

We didn’t take any scientific measurements of how far the Goodspeed’s Wi-fi signal was travelling but located correctly it would easily cover a regular sized public house.

The best bit is the number of SIM which the Goodspeed can handle simultaneously. Would you believe ten? Well, that how many it can handle.

So in the UK with only five physical mobile networks, you could be absolutely sure of getting a signal and providing a Wi-fi hotspot.

We’re not sure Uros expected us to use the device in this fashion but it is a very handy device to have around if you can’t afford to be without the web just because your fixed broadband has gone down.

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