Guest Post: 8 guitar apps for an iPad worth considering

by Charlene Sampilo, a writer for

Nowadays, it’s possible for guitarists to play tunes; record their music; and experiment with various chords with the help of iPad apps. So below are my eight favourite iPad apps which budding guitarists might want to consider. The list includes: – Guitarist’s Reference, AmpliTube, TabToolkit, Capo, ChordMate, Logic’s Guitar Recording Toolbox, Guitar Tuner,  and AmpKit+.

1. Guitarist’s Reference

Guitarist’s Reference is an intelligent guitar application will teach people the right scale on which to play a certain root chord.

It also includes certain tools such as arpeggios, reverse chord finder, triads and alternate tunings.

Additionally, people could also use this app to play a guitar with the option for a left-handed or right-handed guitar user.

2. AmpliTube

For those looking for an amp modelling tool for your guitar, AmpliTube can be useful to you.

It has an eight-track recorder which you can use for recording multiple tracks.

What many users appreciate about this app is its nice crunchy tone.

It also has a well-laid out interface which is easy to understand.

3. TabToolkit

TabToolkit is a useful application for downloading tabs and saving them to an iPad for later use.

It will organise tabs by song title or artist. It is a handy tool for those practicing to play different songs and who want to access them easily.

4. Capo

For those who are just starting to learn how to play a guitar, Capo can be a great tool to use.

For those who want to know how to play a particular song – simply load it into the app.

Once loaded, users have the option to play the song at normal speed or at a slower speed without changing the pitch, and then can play along with it.

It also allows users to put markers or loop the playback of their chosen song(s).

5. ChordMate

ChordMate functions as a digital chord book. Its primary function is to provide the names, as well as, the fingering positions of popular chords and some of the less popular ones.

It also has a built-in keyboard containing major chords, special keys and numbers.

Additionally, this software allows users to set alternate tunings or play each chord using different kinds of guitars such as electric, classical or acoustic.

6. Course for Logic’s Guitar Recording Toolbox

Learning how to play a guitar is easy with help from video tutorials like Logic’s Guitar Recording Toolbox.

The tutorial videos that users can watch with this app are about everything they need to know about guitars, with topics about making lead tones, how to use compression, how to save a preset and many others.

With a variety of tutorial topics to choose from, this app is useful for amateurs and even pros.

7. Guitar Tuner

Apart from its digital tuner, Guitar Tuner also trains people to use their ears to know a particular melody.

When tuning a guitar, it gives people the option to use a regular tone or a guitar string sound.

Its simple interface allows users to do it by just plucking the string and then tuning it to follow the sound.

It also has the ability to adjust the sound length to Free, Auto or Hold.

8. AmpKit+

AmpKit+ is a guitar software with powerful effects and amp functionalities.

It enables users to record songs when they are playing their guitar.

For those who like playing heavy metal or rock, this app is great since it handles the feedback really well unlike other guitar apps.

It also gives users an option to create their own preset or use a plug-in with built-in presets.


Whether an aspiring guitarist or a pro, it’s possible to play and sound great just like any professional guitarist with these guitarist iPad apps.

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