Guest Post: Apps and games we can’t live without

by Christopher Austin, a freelance writer who sometimes works with Army Games 365

Who doesn’t love a good app on their smartphone? Those beautiful, colourful squares have become vital tools to our daily existence. Shazam, MyFitnessPal, Instagram, Twitter, and numerous others, are keeping our lives in motion. Social media is now more powerful than ever, and with the advent of technology there’s no better way to stay connected with your friends than through a good app. Games should not be overlooked either because they’re just as valuable and engaging as the most popular apps out there.


There are millions of singles out there who want to meet someone and don’t know how.

If you can’t do it via Facebook because of various reasons, try out Tinder.

The matchmaking app is quite addictive: – it allows users to search through photos of other single people; ditch the ones they don’t like to the left; and the one they fancy to the right.

If two people have a similar swipe to the right, they get a ‘match’ notification.


WhatsApp offers free texting services and I have to admit that very few can live without it.

The app syncs your address book and mobile number so that you don’t need a username to register.

It was released in 2009 by several former Yahoo engineers. Currently, it features over 400 million users and it charges $1 per year as an annual subscription.

It’s definitely a great app considering it helps people save expensive texting messages overseas.


Snapchat was considered a sexting, faddish app at first. Soon enough, users realised it was a viable option to send photos without leaving any digital trail behind.

Snapchat allows users to share photos accompanied by text to their friends, before deleting itself after a couple of seconds.

Facebook wanted to buy the app and they offered $3 billion. Surprisingly, the developers declined thus boosting its notoriety.

GTA Vice City

Now that our gadgets are more powerful than ever, playing Grand Theft Auto Vice City on your smartphone is a breeze.

The game focuses on the story of Tommy Vercetti, a notorious gangster who travels to a virtual Vice City and become an international crime lord.

Most missions are driven by drug heists, shootings, helicopter bombings, and more – so the fun is guaranteed.

The beautiful game is brought to life by a mix of extremely intriguing characters, not to mention that the gameplay will keep you hooked for hours.

The Room

Generally speaking, puzzlers are obvious and not that enticing. However, The Room is the exception to the rule.

You’re calling the shots so you might want to be prepared for the unexpected at all times.

Each of the game’s 3D puzzles is a challenging box you have to examine and open. Opening the box is not that simple, and you’ll have to find the secret hinges and hidden messages to succeed.

Cut the Rope

Simple at first, Cut the Rope is one of the smartest games ever built for a smart device.

It features a plethora of puzzles based on physics principles, and with each challenge you pass others more complicated will come along.

You might not realize it at first, but the game requires a lot more strategy than meets the eye.

Cutting the rope that’s attached to a candy is simple, but getting pass those annoying spiders and tricky spikes will certainly leave you perplexed.

Who doesn’t love a fancy app on their smart device or an addictive game to keep them occupied for days?

The variety is endless on the market, and now that we have so many games to choose from like Army Games 365, it’s getting overwhelming to just pick a few.

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Christopher Austin is a freelance writer covering the world of videogames, tech, and popular culture. He loves to talk, discuss and spread awareness about anything interesting going on around us. Apart loves to swim, hike, run whenever and wherever he finds the time.

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