Guest Post: Essential tips for launching a successful mobile app

by Alfred Beiley, an app developer and blogger who works with 360 Degree Technosoft

Mobile applications have become a common thing nowadays. And thanks to cut-throat competition between various operators at different tiers, mobile apps are used by most people across the globe. But building a successful mobile application is not that easy task as it is to use use one. At every juncture of development process, there are various hindrances that exist. Mobile application development includes many pre and post procedures that are needed to be followed in order to get successful results on their respective app stores.

With the app market running profitably over the last few years, plenty of app developing companies have emerged in the market.

Also the big IT firms which have operated successfully over many years have crept into mobile applications because of its flourishing market.

But many applications have eventually failed to make an impact on an app store because of mistakes that are made by the app developers during some stage of ITS developments.

One of the important stages after the development of a mobile app is launching it successfully onto its respective app store.

Extensive testing

Before considering the launch of the application, it is important to thoroughly test the app beforehand.

Testing includes functional testing whether the app user interface is running successfully or not – and it also includes checking of the code on the back end.

The necessary steps for testing have to be followed as many applications run online as well as offline.

A proper test bed has to be created whilst performing tests so that the same environment will work online as well.

Specialist must be hired in order to test the system. This also helps when upgrading the version of the application or changing altogether the version of the app.

Penetration Through Marketing

It is vital that any product has to be marketed in order to reach out the maximum number of people in the market.

Marketing is mandatory to let your target audience know about the services that you offer via your applications.

Various marketing fundamentals and techniques must be adopted for different types of applications.

For instance, for a gaming app that can be widely used by children and teenagers, promotional events at child-friendly locations would help.

According to commonly read research it has been proved that effective marketing increases the downloading of an application by 15 per cent.

Plus there are now many other apps with similar functionality floating about in the market, so it becomes hard to capture public interest unless marketing is done.

Following norms of respective app stores

With a variety of mobile phones with different market presences, there are many application stores where the app has to be registered.

Windows Phone, Blackberry, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android have their app stores that offer services to app developers to help launch their applications.

Each and every store has their own norms for launching the applications. For example, Apple takes nearly three to four weeks to review an app and then float it online.

So before launching the app and setting the time limit for the app’s completion, it becomes necessary to learn these norms.

Also size of the application matters a lot while launching it because as smartphones have now become cheaper to buy and there have been drastic changes in memory sizes and occupancy.

Most of the appsof a large size aren’t supported on cheaper phones. So it is up to the mobile application developer to look out for the issues regarding the size of the app so that does not exceed beyond certain limit.

Additionally with small packages given for internet data plans, small sized applications tend to get installed more often even just on a trial basis.

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Alfred Beiley is an app developer and blogger who writes on mobile technology. At present, he is working with mobile app development company, 360 Degree Technosoft which specialize in mobile app development.

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