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by Rianne Hunter, an independent blogger who sometimes works with

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Finding great gifts for technology nerds is a tough task. New tech devices make interesting gifts, but with so many new gadgets out there, it’s sometimes hard to decide which gift to get for the technology lover in your life. Below are five great ideas to give to that someone special who enjoys the latest and greatest in gadgetry.

Solar charger

For those who live on their tablet or phone, a solar charger is perfect for charging your devices without an electrical outlet.

Simply put the solar charger on or near a window. The charger stores energy and is ready for use anytime you need it.

What a perfect way to charge all your devices and remain (according to the EPA)  environmentally friendly. These are found online or in stores for about $35.

Microscope camera for iPad

The new microscope camera, sold at, is a sophisticated microscope camera that connects quickly to your iPad.

Simply replace the eyepiece of your microscope with the camera, and you’re ready to go off exploring.

Designed for the iPad specifically, it draws people in with its amazing features such as pinch finger zoom, video images and live stills.
The new microscope camera is easy to use and intuitive.

USB air purifier

This amazing USB device removes unpleasant odors, mold, dirt and pollen from the air around you. Just plug it into a USB port, and it literally starts cleaning the air.

They cost about $10 and are perfect for those who hang out on their computer for hours.

iPhone projector

Another cool gadget for the iPhone is the iPhone projector that lets you project movies and pictures on walls and other flat surfaces.

Images as large as 50 inches wide can be projected while remaining clear to see.

The projector is lightweight and slim, and you can use it to charge your mobile phone or use it as a projector.

Google Chromecast *

Chromecast * is an interesting Google device that plugs into your regular television and turns it into a ‘smart’ TV.

You can use your computer, tablet or phone as a remote control to play any type of media you have saved, or you can stream online from websites like Netflix and YouTube.

This is the perfect gift for the person who enjoys spending time watching videos or movies on their tablet, computer or cell phone. You can find Google Chromecast for about $35.


Finding the perfect gift for a true techie might be tough, but if you shop around and search the Internet, it won’t take long before the ideal gift appears right before your eyes.

Author biog

Rianne Hunter is a wife, mother of three, and an independent blogger who writes for a broad range of topics and types of publishers.

* Note:
Google currently doesn’t seem to be selling the Chromecast outside of the USA. However, according to PC Advisor, the official Chromecast app was launched on the UK Google Play Store in December 2014. So we’d be surprised if it doesn’t go on sale in the UK any time now.

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