How to side-load a Symbian app on your Nokia N73

Sadly, we find that TouchCalc won’t run on N73

The other day when GoMo News was researching ‘Nokia is only real player in WP8 market‘, we noticed that the app in question, TouchCalc, is actually capable of running on Symbian S60 (Series 60) handsets. However, TouchCalc for Symbian isn’t available on the official Nokia Ovi Store. Instead, we did found it on Symbian-Freeware here. As regular readers will know, a heavy contingent of GoMo News fans are owners of the Nokia N73. So we decided to load the app onto our test N73. It doesn’t run but in the process we discovered how to load an app onto the N73 from a PC – a technique known as side-loading.

It’s well worth noting that the official Nokia app store here will show you exactly which apps will run on your handset, if you bother to set your device.

So, if you set the store to remember that you have a Nokia N73 and search for WhatsApp, the store won’t show this popular social networking app because it doesn’t work on the N73.

When you visit an alternative Symbian app store, it doesn’t support such intelligence – which is how we managed to download TouchCalc when it won’t run on the N73.

The app will actually install but it won’t run, so there’s no point trying to use it on the N73.

But attempting to install TouchCalc got us thinking. As the N73 doesn’t have Wi-fi built in, why shouldn’t we download the app to a PC and then try installing it on the N73?

We’re not sure whether any Internet cafes will allow this because, you’d have to install the necessary software onto a PC to do this.

Anyway, if it’s possible – install Nokia’s PC Suite on a Windows based computer. Then connect your N73 handset to the PC via USB.

To make this connexion, you have to have the right USB cable, because for the N73 it is a proprietary Nokia cable not an industry standard mini USB cable.

Once you’ve made that connexion and picked ‘PC Suite’ as the mode of operation for the USB link on the handset, your N73 should show up as being connected within the Nokia Suite software.

At this stage, you can then download as many apps as you like for the N73 to the PC’s hard disk.

To our surprise, installing these apps is remarkably easy. Just highlight the downloaded app and then drag it over to the Windows Suite program.

You’ll find that when you ‘drop’ the app onto the icon of your phone within Nokia Suite, the installation process will start automatically.

It’s that simple but nowhere in the Nokia help files, does it mention this.

By ‘side-loading’ apps in this maner, you should be able to save a lot of money you would otherwise have spent, downloading apps directly to the handset over the mobile web.

Happy installing!

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