Hunt offers Click to App tech for iOS

Rating: App awareness campaigns won’t loose any clicks, it says

Probably because GoMobile News isn’t totally fluent in Spanish, we’ve only just learnt of a new technology that Hunt Mobile Ads has recently [October 2012] released called ‘Click to App’. Hunt, of course, claims to be the leading independent mobile advertising company which is targeted on the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking markets. The company maintains that Click to App offers something that advertisers were looking for and wasn’t possible until now. With this new technology no clicks are lost and advertisers can generate not only new downloads but also app awareness. It even causes old installs to reopen their apps. Naturally, Click to App is available on the Hunt mobile ads network but the company says it can also be used in third party networks.The trick with Click to App technology is that it decides dynamically to open an app, or to send the user to the Apple iTunes App Store or a mobile web page if the app is not installed in the device.

What Hunt doesn’t say is whether or not there are other versions of this technology for smartphones which aren’t running iOS – like Android, for example.

Hunt claims the same technology is useful for directing the user to a certain section or m-commerce offer within the app.

If the user does not have the app installed, it will send him or her to the same section on the mobile web of the advertiser.

Alejandro Sas, Co-CEO with Hunt Mobile Ads, commented, “This new technology is a great tool for app developers and agencies who now can not only generate downloads for their apps, but also traffic to their apps – all in one single campaign.”

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