Interactive Toolbar is Mobixell’s secret weapon

Rating: Clientless solution for serving ads

A cosy chat with Mobixell's Noam Green

There’s been a lot of talk about Over The Top (OTT) services – like Whatsapp and Skype ‘stealing’ customer mindshare from the mobile network operators. Well, chatting with Noam Green, vp for products & marketing with Mobixell, GoMobile News has discovered a way that mobile network operators can fight back. Mobixell is probably best known for providing mobile network optimisation solutions. However, the company is now able to offer its operator customers a Customer Engagement Tool Bar service, which enables operators to wrestle back control of the relationship with their subscribers. The key weapon here is the Mobixell Interactive Toolbar which even enables operators to monetise search.

The Toolbar is part of Mobixell’s Seamless Access Customer Engagement Tools suite where the key advantage is that it is a clientless solution.

Instead, the service is a server-based solution which requires only basic Javascript support on the handset – so it encompasses all subscribers not just smartphone users.

The Interactive Toolbar provides what Mobixell calls ‘continuous real-time communication’. In other words it is a single line bar that normally sits at the bottom of the user’s screen.

Mobixell has already deployed this CET solution for a customer in Eastern Europe who he wasn’t at liberty to name but he could reveal that 95 per cent of subscribers used it within the first five days of rollout.

Perhaps more importantly, only two per cent of subscribers actively disliked the Toolbar and actually closed it.

The good news is that the Toolbar is fully integrated with other Mobixell Seamless Access modules such as Mobile Advertising, Content Filtering and Optimisation.

Green revealed that perhaps one of Mobixell best kept secrets is its Ad-It solution which offers multi-channel, rich media advertising that delivers optimised, multimedia ads over a variety of delivery channels.

The toolbar can work with Ad-It so that ads are served to the bar, for example.

Perhaps one of the major uses for the Toolbar is that it can be used to upsell other operator services to the subscriber.

For example, an operator could provide its subscribers with a ‘Day Pass’ so that they can take advantage of an online navigation/mapping service as a one-off rather than paying a montly subscription.

The most interesting revelation from Noam Green is that Mobixell can effectively act as the ‘middleman’ (or should we say middleperson?) between operators and search engine providers.

In a nutshell, the company can enable operator customers to monetise their data services through payments for sending their subscribers to a particular search engine.

Overall, GoMobile News came away from our meeting with Mobixell with the feeling that the company’s core expertise may lie with network optimisation but the technology can provide access to revenues as yet untapped by mobile operators.

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  1. Tim Kakapo says:

    So what happens when the user is on WiFi instead of carrier network? Does the toolbar disappear and what is the user experience implication of that?

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