iPhone resale prices set to plummet drastically

Losing consumers up to 30 per cent of their devices value by October 10th 2013according to data from CompareMyMobile

UK leading gadget recycling comparison website, CompareMyMobile, reports website data suggesting iPhone prices could plummet drastically, losing up to 30 per cent of the devices original value on the date of the iPhone 5S / 5C announcement, September 10th 2013

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September 16th 2013. During the iPhone 5 release in September 2012, in less than 30 days consumers lost between 21-30 per cent in their devices resale value following the iPhone 5 announcement. The biggest price drop was the iPhone 5 predecessor, the iPhone 4S 64GB which lost £99 in less than 30 days following the iPhone 5 announcement.

  • The iPhone 5 has had between 60.99 – 1,033.76 per cent increases in online valuations between the 9th – 15th September 2013
  • Lowest ever increase in trade-in valuations from non Apple fans following the iPhone 5S / 5C, with a 54.89 per cent overall increase in valuations, compared with the iPhone 5′s 255.29 per cent increase in 2012

Leading recycling comparison site, CompareMyMobile.com, has data suggesting consumers wanting to sell their old iPhones just one month after the iPhone 5 announcement would have lost between 21-30 per cent of the iPhones full value.

The site recommends consumers to use either it’s iOS, Android App or website to track prices or to monitor prices on eBay over the coming weeks.

Below is an example of how last years iPhone 5 release savaged the resale value of the iPhone 4S in less than 30 days.

Sept 12th – (Announcement day) Consumers could get up to £325 for their iPhone 4S
Sept 14th – (Pre-Order day) Consumers stand to lose up to £20 just two days after the announcement
Sept 21st – (Launch day) Consumers stand to lose up to £45 just eleven days after the announcement
Oct 12th – Just one month after the announcement of the iPhone 5, consumers lost up to £99off their iPhone 4S trade in value

Consumers can avoid the sharp fall in value by trading in sooner than later – The average recycle store will hold the quote they give once and order has been placed for 7-14 days.

Alternatively, websites like eBay or Gumtree are great avenues for consumers to resell their old devices provided they beat the rush on the iPhone 5S / 5C launch day.

Regardless of the spike in loyal Apple fans wanting to price up their old mobiles, mobile phone recycling comparison site CompareMyMobile.com has data indicating a huge drop in general interest in consumers valuing their old mobile phones from all brands across the site.

This is following the iPhone 5S and 5C announcement and pre-order dates as seen by the data below:

2010 – iPhone 4
June 7th – Announcement increase in valuations: 141.29 per cent
June 24th – Launch increase in valuations: 159.57 per cent

2011 – iPhone 4S
Oct 4th – Announcement increase in valuations: 159.01 per cent
*Oct 7th – Pre-Order increase in valuations: 138.06 per cent
Oct 14th – Launch increase in valuations: 173.20 per cent
*Decrease due to people expecting the device top be the iPhone 5 not a iPhone 4S

2012 – iPhone 5
Sept 12th – Announcement increase in valuations: 255.29 per cent
Sept 14th – Pre-Order increase in valuations: 237.74 per cent
Sept 21st – Launch increase in valuations: 367.57 per cent

2013 – iPhone 5S/5C
Sept 10th – Announcement increase in valuations: 54.89 per cent
Sept 13th – Pre-Order increase in valuations: 38.45 per cent

CompareMyMobile.com advises consumers to check prices before selling their old iPhone upon the launch date of the new device. Across all the iPhone models listed on CompareMyMobile.com, there is a 992 £ difference in the top and bottom price offered by their 40+ recycle stores.

Top 5 Apple devices being traded in – Data from 16/09/13

1. Apple iPhone 5 16GB is 13.6 per cent of all on site trade ins (£185 – 269 £84 extra by comparing)
2. Apple iPhone 5 32GB is 11.7 per cent of all on site trade ins (£185 – 274 £89 extra by comparing)
3. Apple iPhone 4S 16GB is 4.2 per cent of all on site trade ins (£132 – 178 £46 extra by comparing)
4. Apple iPhone 5 64GB is 13.6 per cent of all on site trade ins (£169 – 285 £116 xtra by comparing)
5. Apple iPhone 4 16GB is 7.8 per cent of all on site trade ins (£ 74 – 124 £50 extra by comparing)

Consumers looking to trade in an Apple iPhone 5 64GB could lose up to 116 £ selling to the wrong vendor. The above data shows that a 385 £ difference in price from the 5 most popular models being traded in.

About CompareMyMobile

Founded in 2009, CompareMyMobile.com is the UK’s No. 1 source for independent mobile phone, tablet, satnav, laptop, iPad, iPod and games console recycling price comparison. It delivers customers confidence in making the difficult decision of where to recycle their old phone safely and for the most money. CompareMyMobile.com is 100 per cent impartial, comparing prices from more than 40 recycling stores.

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