It’s possible to recover SD files – revisited

GoMo News unimpressed by reader’s recommendation of Remo Recover

It’s that time of year again and yet another GoMo News reader accidentally deleted all of the photos stored on his smartphone’s SD memory card. Which was a disaster since he’d just returned from a highly enjoyable holiday [vacation] in Italy. Worse still, our reader subsequently took three new photos – which were saved onto the memory card. Luckily, we’d encountered this problem before (see ‘It is actually possible to recover deleted SD card files‘).
Subsequent to publishing that story, reader, Darrien Gordon , emailed us to recommend “the most widely used and popular tool known as Remo Recover.” We beg to differ. We found it unuseable. Good news? We eventually recovered 50 photo files for our reader.

It’s possible that Gordon was actully talking about the version of Remo Recover for Macintosh because we discovered that after going to all the trouble of downloading and installing the ‘Basic’ Windows version, it had no functionality.

The Basic version has to be upgraded to a paid for program in order to recover any files at all. And its producer wanted around £39 ($66) for the ‘media’ version of Remo Recover.

Worse still, it was obvious that it was supposed to be possible to view the files which Remo Recover had discovered when we searched the SD card with it.

There was an impressive total of 168 files found but the program reported “Rs-Viewer not found” so we couldn’t look at the .jpg files to check they were indeed the lost Italian holiday snaps.

So we went back to our original recommendation of Recuva as the Windows program to recover accidentally deleted memeory card files.

Reuva found a much smaller number of files – just 50 and our reader reckons that all the main holiday snaps were included. He was also pleased because using Recuva is actually free.

As our reader said, “If I’d known that those snaps weren’t lost for ever, I’d have never taken any more photos!” So be warned.

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