January wasn’t a dry month says Shopitize

Rating: By Jan 14th they’re all on the champers

Nice little diary item from Shopitize – an app which manages to combine barcode scanning, coupons and a loyalty scheme in one. The snippet related to the myth that (in the UK, at least) January is some kind of ‘dry’ month – when the population swears off alcohol. According to data gathered by Shopitize, however, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the type of drink most favoured by app users was champagne (sparkling wines) whilst at the other end of the spectrum, no-one bought any hard liquor on January 14th [2013].

Of receipts uploaded onto the Shopitize mobile ecosystem on  January 6th [2013], only 2.6 per cent of them contained alcohol.  By January 14th, the percentage had risen to 20.6 per cent.

GoMobile News
found the Shopitize app itself intriguing. You can download to an Android handset here or to an Apple iOS device from here.

The idea behind Shopitize is impressive. Its aim is to provide its ‘shopping’ network users with coupons which they will find it hard to resist. Such as 50 pence off Jacobs cream cracker biscuits.

Alongside each coupon icons depicting participating supermarkets are displayed. Being UK based, the Top Five names – Waitrose, Tescos, Morrisons, Sainsburys and Asda are Shown.

Shame, then that GoMobile News‘ favourite – the Co-op, isn’t included.

Anyway, in order to participate, Shopitize users have to scan in the item from the item which is on offer using their smartphones.

Do this instore because it is very easy to get the wrong size or amount of a branded item so it won’t attract the discount.

One the item has been purchased, then the item is ‘snapped’. We’re not quite sure why the plaform uses the camera for reading the receipt as using the barcode would seem more logical.

Anyway, once the user has saved over £5 using this app, it is possible to redeem your accumulated balance via PayPal, for example.

Shopitize claims that the app ‘learns’ users’ preferences so that offers can be more closely targetted towards purchasing habits.

GoMobile News believes that this is yet another example of how ‘mobile’ can increase customer loyalty for bricks & mortar stores rather than online suppliers.

Wonder why the Co-op hasn’t seen fit to join in then?

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