Jolla sells out 1st batch of Sailfish handsets

Should ship devices before Q1 2014

Judging from a notice on the (extremely bugged) web site, the first batch of the Jolla Sailfish handset has be fully subscribed within four months. You can still register your interest though. The units were on offer to those in the EU (European Union) plus Norway and Switzerland who put down a €100 deposit. Pundits have guessed that the company must have ordered around 50,000 units to make the whole exercise economically viable. There’s also speculation that Chinese retailer, D.Phone, might come out with a Sailfish based handset, too. Which could explain Juniper Research’s recent prediction of significant Sailfish sales (see here).

The actual handset has been a long time materialising. We originally thought it might have appeared back in February 2013 at the MWC.

The company recently claimed to have received pre-orders from 136 countries (up from 118 countries back in June 2013).

There’s also a hint that Finland’s third largest operator, DNA, could become the first MNO [Mobile Network Operator] to range the Jolla device. Until then all handset sales will be online.

Jolla CEO, Tomi Pienimäki, has said,”For those, who missed the first opportunity, we are now doing our best to offer a second chance, a new batch of Jolla smartphones later in the Autumn/Fall [ 2013].”

Those who managed to pre-order will get a €100 voucher which they can use against the device’s expected €399 (£337) price.

There’s also a suggestion that through the Sailfish Alliance, Jolla is hoping that Chinese based manufacturers might licence its mobile OS. The name of D.Phone has been mentioned.

GoMo News was also a little surprised that Jolla is also recruiting given that there must be a whole bunch of ex-Nokia people hanging out in Finland would love to joing a successful handset manufacturer again.

Here’s the tech specs: -

  • Original Jolla design with ample 4.5″ Estrade display
  • Dual core and 4G *
  • 16GB storage + microSD
  • 8MP AF camera
  • User-replaceable battery
  • The Other Half
  • Easy-to-use, gesture based Sailfish OS
  • Android app compatible

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