Jumptap mobile ad network expands into video

jumptap_logo Mobile advertiser Jumptap has announced that video is now part of its offering. The primary goal of the network is to be the most comprehensive mobile advertising service out there, and building in a decent video service is a necessary step. GoMo News talked to Jumptap CMO Paran Johar about the new service, and how it will work.

What’s the deal?

Jumptap has created its video offering with Limelight Networks, which has powerful video technology thanks to its purchase of Kiptronic last year. Basically, Jumptap will be using Limelight tech to allow video advertising to be inserted in-stream, as an interstitial, pre roll, mid roll or post roll. The video ads will be able to reach anywhere that the Jumptap network does, over mobile web or in applications. It will also work with the recently announced Consumer Intelligence service, which gives consumers more control over what kind of ads they get served. Those are the essentials, but we still had some questions:

For the advertiser – is this all going to be part of a one-click-purchase strategy?

Mobile video hasn’t been enabled for self-service YET, but that is in the future. At the moment, advertisers will set up video campaigns through one of our sales people – but we’ve already simplified that process so much that you can have a video rolling in no time. Through that sales person you’ll be able to insert mobile video ads wherever your want  – search, rich media, click to video, in-app, interstitial.

Will mobile video cost the much more?

Video will command a premium, yes. How much that premium is depends on the placement of the ad.

How easy will it be for publishers/developers to host a video ad on their property – or insert it as an interstitial in their existing video?

Incredibly simple. We don’t want how they can work with us on video to be the most important part. It’s more important to make it simple for them to monetise their mobile inventory. The technology side is very easy – we’re more excited about performance here. We can split a single batch of inventory into percentages that run on premiums, and percentages that run on performance.

As for developers – I consider that app developers are the new media moguls. It’s just a matter of scale before an app developer ceases to become an app developer and becomes a media publisher instead.

How will the consumer be treated? Mobile video can take a long time to stream and play – can JumpTap deal with low bandwidth?

The number one goal is to optimise the experience on mobile – and that means adjusting for bandwidth. Sometimes there’s a level of frustration with mobile video ads, but I think consumers are beginning to understand that you HAVE to subsidise this kind of service or content. And the only two ways to subsidise are through subscribing or advertising. And for consumers, the advetising model isn’t set in place on mobile yet. But they do understand it on TV, for example, where everyone knows that you have to watch ads to get content. And this awareness is growing in mobile.

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