Last chance to win a free NFC developer day pass

Rating: Excellent excuse for visiting San Francisco, too

This is very definitely a case of get your skates on for any North American app developers (or those who just would like to visit San Francisco to learn all about Near Field Communication (NFC). The organisers (WIMA) are offering ten free workshop passes in a free draw but you have to fill out a short form online here by today [Tuesday November 13th 2012]. If you don’t feel lucky then there’s a way of getting the day passes cheaper. GoMobile News is not sure if everyone has received this but if you use the discount code WIMAUS12, you should get a 20 per cent discount off the normal ticket cost. Why is it worth attending? Well, for starters there are workshops not just for Android developers but for Windows Phone 8 developers, too.

Plus – as the organisers say, although news around NFC devices mostly involves mobile payment, NFC also creates huge opportunities for other exciting and engaging applications.

If you are unsure exactly what those other exciting applications are, Nokia (which is running the Windows Phone 8 workshops) will give you a clue.

First off is Proximity & Tapping. When you put one Windows 8 phone close to another Windows 8 phone you can automatically exchange data via NFC, for example.

You can also employ NFC for app discovery – whereby coming within the proximity of an NFC tag automatically causes an app to launch in the smartphone.

Nokia will also talk about ‘ Cross-Platform LaunchApp Tags’ which we take to mean that these apps don’t necessarily have to trigger on Windows Phone 8.

Here’s another use for NFC which you might not have thought of – namely, ‘ seamless multi-user gaming and collaboration’.

Anything which will make your game stick out from its rivals is a bonus, of course.

Plus there is one major incentive to get into NFC now. Apple still doesn’t support it. Which is a bit like offering a smartphone without Bluetooth support, these days.

So if you learn how to get NFC going under Android or Windows Phone 8, you be way ahead of the opposition when Apple finally produces an NFC device (iPhone 6, maybe?) and you can readily port your app to iOS to take advantage.

More info on this event which takes place on November 27th -29th [2012] here.

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