M2M provides still face major challenges Sierra Wireless warns

Use the cloud, Luke

According to a recent report here by Frost & Sullivan, the M2M market is expected to grow by 33 per cent by 2016. The research also projects that the number of M2M SIM connections is expected to reach a total of 75 million in 2016, with the UK market taking the lead, followed by Germany. However, Olivier Beaujard, a vp for market development with Sierra Wireless, a leading provider of M2M and connected device solutions, believes that this report highlights service providers and organisations still need to address serious challenges in the M2M space via emerging technologies.

“The findings of the report are very promising but to enable the projected growth of the M2M market, service providers will need to address a number of challenges, Beaujard claims.

He argues that the major obstacles are the complexity of management of M2M devices and the issue of scalability.

“In the near future there will be more connected devices than mobile phones and new technologies such as LTE and 4G are revolutionising devices across the healthcare, automotive and utilities industries,” he predicts.

Beaujard asks, “The question is, how can organisations ensure seamless wireless connectivity across millions (or billions) of devices and centrally manage this complex M2M infrastructure?”

Another major issue is achieving faster time to market for new products and services which will require shorter M2M app development cycles.

Fortunately Beaujard believes that emerging technology is addressing those challenges.

Cloud based M2M management technologies, for example, can enable organisations to manage all M2M devices from a single platform while allowing them to scale up and down the provisioning of M2M services.

Additionally, by simplifying the integration of embedded wireless communication within M2M devices, developers will be able to spend less time on integration and more time on launching new services.

“The growth of M2M will foster the introduction of innovative services but, to be able to take advantage of these opportunities, organisations will need to ensure that they have the right IT infrastructure in place to support more scalable and easy to manage M2M services,” Beaujard warns.

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