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Latest update [June 17th 2014] – Ripple is Affle’s cross screen ad platform for brand & performance advertisers. Extensive R&D on ad units & ad optimisation has helped it to deliver 10K+ campaigns.

Sponsored by – A self-service mobile demand side platform (DSP) using real-time bidding (RTB). Access all mobile inventory using just one platform. Technology ensures users only bid on impressions based on their targeting parameters. Advertisers can buy on CPM & CPC with full conversion tracking.

The GoMo News Advertising Directory – 193 mobile marketing companies

Table A: Agencies Italian brand agency working with companies including Dolce & Gabbana. 12snap is a German mobile marketing company. It promotes Nokia devices. Is a digital agency that focuses on new media.  Customers include Fox News. Mobile marketing agency based in the US with an SMS platform 3rd Vine. Funky mobile marketing agency serving ads and mobile commerce solutions to the likes of Victoria Secrets. Acision offers cross channel advertising via its own platform. Socially targeted mobile agency. Operating solely in the mobile market, it offers consultancy, management and implementation on entire mobile advertising campaigns. Full service mobile agency with clients including Intel. JV between Velti and Interpublic Group. B!Digital is the mobile marketing agency division of Buongiorno, dealing with mobile marketing and mobile advertising campaigns. Media planning and buying agency owned by Aegis Group. Middle Eastern mobile marketing provider. Mobile agency focused on both local and social marketing. International mobile marketing agency offering full service solutions. Clients include Polydor. Mobile web agency also offering mobile marketing. Full service agency part of WPP group.  Clients include Coca-Cola. GroupM owns Mindshare (mobile agency) and is the WPP’s media investment group. Design agency with HQ in Berlin. Has its own service platform. Seeks a presence in the USA, Singapore and Dubai. Clients include neoMedia and Hypertag. Serves over 3bn mobile impressions pm in 95 markets. Offers a campaign engine to brands and operators. Plans, carries, tracks and reports on mobile advertising campaigns through the m-hub platform Part of Saatchi, full service mobile agency. Clients including Reebok & Yahoo! Acquired inside mobile. A multi-national advertising agency. Meredith Xcellerated Marketing. An established mobile marketing agency. Acquired Hyperfactory. A wide-spectrum internet advertising firm with one arm specialising in mobile. Pioneers of mobile marketing in Spain, communication is its aim and mobile the way to achieve it. Delivers rich media ads over mobile for brands and operators Israeli-based company, runs ads for international brands including Microsoft, Doritos, Nike and Nestlé using platforms including on- & off-deck, global ad networks and publishers. The mobile branch of the Ogilvy and Mather advertising corporation. Provides full mobile service from media planning and buying, to interactive services, mobile sites, apps, brands and consultancy. Canadian company which has a strong portfolio of clients and products for clients such as Rogers, Today’s Parent and Rogers Sportnet. Multi-national marketing group, operates in the mobile advertising sector via sister company PhoneValley (see above), and in the search sector through deals with Yahoo. The UK’s first independent advertiser dedicated to mobile internet – tailors bespoke plans for every client. Uses any mobile channel available to advertise for brands. It has run campaigns on WAP, app, SMS and voice-response. Backed by WPP, it  creates mobile campaigns for brands through SMS, MMS, search & display, apps and mobile web sites. Offers over 70 ready-to-use campaign templates on its mobile platform. Aims for targeted ads delivered at the right time. Acquired Mobile Interactive Group. Operates the largest video ad network that targets Indians across the world. A London-based mobile agency that offers planning, creation, buying, delivery and reporting on mobile ad campaigns. This multi-national marketing company operates in the mobile advertising sector through sister company OgilvyOne, and invests in search and advertising companies like JumpTap. Built mobile apps for Yamaha, mentioned on Google’s blog for its HTML5 rich media mobile ads for Paramount. Offers full service mobile advertising, marketing and internet services to clients including News International, Coca-Cola and Motorola.

Table B: Advertising Networks A self-service mobile advertising marketplace for mobile publishers and advertisers. It has been born out of ex-Infospace/Motricity employees. Acquired by Google, parts of the business have now been merged into Google AdSense. An advertising network that serves mobile internet or in-application ads. Archer has been formed from iLoopMobile with its mFinity platform plus Lenco Mobile’s MMS expertise. A leader in full service mobile marketing enabling brands to plan, build, deploy and track mobile marketing campaigns. The largest mobile ad exchange and mobile ad network in China Recently acquired by Velti. A mobile network/social networking site. It offers ad placement including adult on its myGamma social network. A Russian mobile advertising player for aggregation of in application content. Responsible for Vodafone Germany’s self-service mobile advertising platform, it is part of G+J Electronic Media.  Offers advertisers ad placement across multiple media, including mobile ads. Offers a leading reach in the mobile arena and sophisticated targeting to drive performance, to help brands make an impact with mobile advertising. A Brazilian Mobile advertising network. Claims to have created the 1st comprehensive permission-based mobile ad network that taps into the buying power of the mass market. Now part of Augme. A global mobile ad self-service network headquartered in India. (Rebranded from Mkhoj). Exited the search market and now provides a mobile advertising network TapMatch. Its leading edge platform helps deliver amazing results for publishers, developers and advertisers alike. Offers WAP and SMS advertising through a network of advertisers and publishers. MadNetwork is China’s largest mobile ad network of mobile website publishers including free WAP and on-device portals. German-based advertising network, including a self-service platform that serves mobile internet and in-application ads. Mobile ads platform uses proprietary targeting tech – guaranteeing advertiser ROI on marketing budgets and maximising traffic monetisation for publishers Creates rich media mobile ads, and distributes them across its own MBrand network, or with its affiliates on the Decktrade network. A mobile ad network comprised of strategically selected fsites and applications with a reach of 85 million uniques. Empowers top brands, agencies and publishers with technology, solutions and services to deliver mobile advertising campaigns. Helps advertisers to reach targeted users on various devices and publishers to earn money from their mobile site traffic. A mobile search company which has its own an ad network. Its Fabric platform serves ads from brands and marketing agencies to multiple networks. A self-service mobile advertising provider out of the USA. A mobile ad optimisation platform, serving from publishers and advertisers to networks. A platform based advertiser. It provides multimedia adverts and SMS campaigns, with end-to-end campaign planning and analytics. Ripple is Affle’s cross screen ad platform for brand & performance advertisers. Extensive R&D on ad units & ad optimisation has helped it to deliver 10K+ campaigns. Offers DIY creation, distribution, & management of mobile campaigns. Owned by mobile marketing service TheTMSway ( Leading Brands like Yahoo!, Google, Nike, Reebok, Nokia, and Vodafone have leveraged the Vserv Network to reach out to their target audiences. A self-serve marketplace to really automate, simplify, and offer both web and mobile advertising. Handles ad-publishing, analytics and payments, but is mostly an ad-serving marketplace. Ad Services can be placed with any of Yahoo’s mobile web services. This includes its mobile search engine Yahoo! OneSearch.
Table C: Ad enablers A premium mobile advertising network, serving targeted ads via its ad serving platform, Mpression. It’s part of the Mobile Interactive Group (MIG) An ad enabler for mobile content serving ads in multimedia. A publisher and aggregator that works to improve existing ad-space so it brings in more ROI. A mobile media buying platform that focuses on placing successful mobile campaigns for mobile advertisers. Gives agencies and advertisers one control panel to manage all their mobile ad campaigns across multiple mobile ad networks. Ad Serving Solutions provides web based ad serving, hosted ad management and advertising delivery solutions. Specifically for iPhone developers, it can place and switch ads with a large number of ad platforms operating on the Apple device. Popular with developers. Its AdCreator  tool allows rapid development of advanced rich media mobile ads without any software coding skills Creates a strategic, customized mobile and web-based app marketing plans designed specifically for mobile and web-based app developers. Offers mobile advertising options to operators, like display, SMS and visual voicemail. An ad-funded gaming site, it offers gamers 24 hours free play in return for watching 4 seconds of targeted advertisements. Assists brands, agencies, developers, publishers, and Operators or OEM to target potentially millions of users, across over 1,000 unique handsets. Enables in-app and mobile web video advertising for brands and premium advertisers. Targeting the mobile gamer market,  displays full-screen ads on the handset until the user takes an action. Specialises in SMS mobile advertising. Public utilities remain i2SMS’s top focus area, enabling the 1st true 2-way power outage notification system in North America. Specialises complete advertising solutions for computer game producers. It has now branched into mobile gaming advertising. Concentrating on free content, it offers advertising to content producers; embedded ads for advertisers; and content for operators. Kargo’s technology platform powers some of the world’s largest media companies and brands. Using its adplace application, it places banner ads on incoming call / text screens. Users set the number of ads received per day, and can earn points and rewards per ad view. Specialising in iPhone ads and advertising applications, it provides analytics and access to an advertising network. Leaders in the mobile content and mobile marketing & professional services industries. A mobile ad exchange that enables easy contact between developers and advertisers. It also offers an analytics service. Now owned by Velti. Geared towards mobile app development. It offers apps for mobile advertising, polling, marketing campaigns and interactive SMS campaigns. A mobile ad network, specialises in affiliate marketing. It works with major brands, creating CPA campaigns for Gameloft, ComScore, Buongiorno. The company claims it’s powering ads in the top apps. Handles Display advertising, rich media, video, custom mobile applications and much more. A mobile internet entertainment company that has acquired mobile advertising companies. It now specialises in mobile marketing for entertainment companies. A mobile site creation firm with a focus on ad-insertion for ROI. The largest Voice Ads provider in India, the company offers a complete mobile advertising solution. Enables publishers to monetize their mobile messaging traffic and advertisers to access premium inventory and rapidly launch mobile advertising campaigns. Operates the mobile ad optimisation platform, SOMA, and partners with publishers, developers and ad networks. Mobile advertising and marketing service provider for operators, ad networks, advertisers (interactive agencies and brands), publishers and application developers. Offering free mobile ad optimisation for iPhone, it’s the recommended Offerpal mobile SDK. Runs targeted opt-in campaigns across content, apps, display and in-app. It can place vouchers, SMS, MMS, In-Game & Interactive Voice Portals (IVR). A personal media company with a specialisation in the mobile arena Provides an ad-supported mobile video platform, Transpera Advertising Platform (TAP). This streams advertisements before, after and around mobile videos. Specialises in both placing ads in-game and creating games specifically centred around particular products.

Table D: – Ad based business model Specialising in mobile video, delivers pre-roll advertisements. An SMS service, it adds banner ads and links to texts containing user-requested information, such as breaking news or social network notification messages. Concentrating on getting response from its advertising campaigns, it uses SMS, mobile internet and voice channels to collect info on ad performance. An ad-based voice company based in the Netherlands, it uses its VoiceAds engine to play audio commercials instead of a tone during ‘call waiting’. Uses mobile phone down-time to scroll adverts on the screen when it’s not being used. Only operates in the mobile market, and creates customised solutions to various advertising problems, including MMS, multimedia and on-portal ads. An Indian company, it provides direct marketing via email and SMS. Provides advertising companies with specifically targeted solutions for context-driven mobile advertising and lead generation. Focuses exclusively on advertising on apps for social networking services – but it qualifies as a mobile advertiser due to heavy involvement with the iPhone. Offers location-based mobile advertising. It sells a Bluetooth broadcast device that deliversyour advertisement to any Bluetooth enabled mobile device within range. A messaging media that works with mobile operators to link young people with brands and other stuff they like. Concentrates on SMS for mobile advertising, coupons, and loyalty campaigns. Using it’s LiveScreen Media app, places targeted advertising and content on the mobile idle screen. A free SMS-based search service, it uses a panel of experts to answer questions. It also offers bidding for keyword based advertising embedded in its SMS responses. Among many other SMS services, it offers user-activated SMS advertising. A German company which offers SMS and proximity marketing through its subsidiarys. Provides SMSJOCK, a free-to-advertisers mobile marketing solution that allows Radio/TV/Print operators an easy way to broadcast through the mobile Internet. Offers highly customisable mobile mass-advertising campaigns. Offers ad-supported text and voice to users. It places interactive advertising in SMS and voice calls, and offers the end-user a discount in return. Runs a permission based system which displays banners and clips on your mobile screen when it’s in downtime mode. Worked with Vodafone NL in the past. Uses its JumpTXT media platform to send coupons and downloadable content to users. This service is based on text shortcodes placed in other advertisements. SMS based mobile ad campaigns are created by this company. Appends ads to existing text content services, alerts, and notifications which means no SMS delivery cost to advertisers. Creates mobile marketing campaigns over WAP, SMS, mobile video and widgets. A French company , it offers opt-in push advertising through SMS, MMS and WAP, along with keyword advertising in WAP banners. Uses Bluetooth and SMS to put advertisers directly into contact with the audience. MAD is an Indian advertiser that provides SMS and WAP advertising. While mostly dedicated to mobile billing, it also offers mobile advertising services through SMS, coupons and ticketing. The Online Platform allows marketers to send SMS marketing text and generate inbound SMS marketing leads. It’s an opt-in idle-screen service that delivers free content like weather, news and trivia to subscribers – along with targeted ads, coupons and promos. Claims to be a ‘Mobile 2.’” advertiser, placing ads through its mobile ad network – ZestADZ. When an SMS containing content is sent through the company’s servers, it places geographically targeted ads inside the SMS. Offers a downloadable app, which serves opt-in advertising to subscribers. A mobile advertising platform that allows communities to send SMS messages funded by advertisers. It concentrates on direct marketing for the mobile internet. It caters to major industries – including financial services, IT, marketing, publishing, energy and transport. Targeting small businesses, it’s a free mobile web site creation template with an integrated SMS messaging platform. Using its Mobile Enterprise Messaging Suite (MEMS), this Australian company provides SMS and MMS campaigns, voting, competitions and surveys. Based in New Jersey, this company provides clients with a keyword based SMS system. The client’s business information is sent to any user who searches on that keyword. An online DIY mobile marketing tool that is easy to use, and gets immediate leads from advertising and measure results in real-time. Offers SMS marketing and ticketing solutions. Aims to bring free communications to the mobile world and has started up in Germany. Also Australian, this company offers SMS interaction through shortcodes on any visual advertising.

Table E: – Mobile Platforms Uses its Interactive platform, SwitchBlade, to distribute simple applications like voting and polling, and more complex interaction with live radio and TV events. Uses its eMAP E mobile (embedded mobile advertising platform) to deliver SMS, mobile web, and targeted applications advertising. Promises delivery of  any type of digital advertising product to any device through tits AdHereAllMedia platform. Uses its Adpremo Mobile platform for on-portal, SMS, MMS, mobile app and video ads. It also allows bidding for search and keyword advertising. Its Advertising Selection Server lets businesses host and serve highly targeted advertisement campaigns to mobile devices. Offers the Amdocs Search and Digital Advertising Solution to help mobile operators leverage subscriber data to improve the targeting of the advertising. Provides a mobile advertising platform to operators and brands. A proximity advertiser, combines Bluetooth with thorough targeting. Uses its ClixSmart platform to ‘intelligently’ alter the adverts that appear based on the consumers portal usage history. Concentrates on digital-video based advertising across multiple platforms, including the mobile internet . An LBS marketing company providing customer loyalty advertising over iPhone. A telecoms services company that also provides targeted mobile advertising. Just launched new platform focused on maximising ROI. Has a mobile advertising platform for operators. Places targeted rich media ads on all mobile channels.  The SMART All Screen Advertising platform also targets other digital and IP channels – IP-TV, Web, and Wi-fi. Based in Turkey, creates interactive advertising programs which it distributes on it’s own platform. Operates a Targeted Mobile Advertising platform called myAdz. It publishes through WAP, SMS and MMS. The Movidilo Marketing interface carries full multimedia, with voice recognition and downloads. Oorja is an Indian company which values non-intrusive advertising. Its platform uses targeted advertising with data-based user profiles for ‘silver bullet profiling’. An operator based mobile platform provider with a strong Central and Eastern European presence. Maintains mobiprint, a media serving platform, through which it displays advertising content with the media content.
http:/ Provides a premium standalone & integrated mobile ad serving solution to manage all display campaigns (Premium, Video, RTB)
via a single interface A self-service mobile demand side platform (DSP) using real-time bidding (RTB). Access all mobile inventory using just one platform. Technology ensures users only bid on impressions based on their targeting parameters. Advertisers can buy on CPM & CPC with full conversion tracking. Waymedia runs a proximity ad serving platform based on Bluetooth and Wi-fi. A division of Qualcomm, it provides a cross-platform, ‘intelligent’ advertising service, available on mobile, broadband and IPTV.

Table F: Mobile analytics Focused on location, generating movement analytics from mobile and wireless information. Provides mobile analytics products designed to be integrated into the mobile operator or content provider/aggregator’s network. A billing & mobile analytics company. It provides analytics for mobile display and search advertising, and websites. Provides mobile application analytics for over 1,000 models of mobile device. Does analytics for mobile applications on Blackberry, iPhone and Android. Works with mobile operators and large content providers. It offers a number of services, but focuses mainly on content delivery, mobile marketing and analytics. A free analytics service, designed for mobile web site analytics and tracking. Tracks and reports usage statistics on mobile websites and applications. Provides mobile analytics through its on-line and mobile engine – SiteCatalyst. Aims at both mobile and broadband operator. It provides application, content, marketing and analytics support. Measures mobile traffic to on-line sites. Partnered with Tapjoy, it provides analytics for iPhone and iPod Touch apps. Provides both mobile web site and NFC/mobile barcodes tracking and metrics. Uses analytics from mobile social networks to build ’3D profiles’ of mobile users.

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