Marley Chant speaker is cool alternative to festival going

If you can’t join ‘em beatbox ‘em

This weekend GoMo News should really have been in Charlton Park, England attending the WOMAD world music festival. But it just didn’t happen. Luckily the House of Marley decided to come to our rescue and cheer us up by loaning us the Chant – a Bluetooth compatible portable speaker. Let’s face it – this device looks totally cool right down from its ‘REWIND’ fabric cover to the little Ethiopian (rasta) flag label. It’s the perfect accessory for creating your own mini music festival using a smartphone/tablet and/or MP3/music player [Think iPod]. The main reason we’re giving this product a rave review is that the sound it produces is really unbelievably good for a device so small, light and portable. It also happens to be genuinely easy to use.

Here at GoMo Towers we made a number of interesting discoveries from putting the Chant through its paces. Incidentally, it’s not a brand new product – just one whose existence we spotted recently (see here).

The first thing we noticed is that where your smartphone/tablet might be able to get its best signal (cellular or Wi-fi) isn’t necessarily the best place to put a speaker.

But if you’ve got a Chant and you want to listen to – say Chill Radio, in a bathroom (where mains electricity is banned) it’s simple.

Put the smartphone in its prime signal receiving position in the house. Pair it up with the Chant via Bluetooth and you’re in business.

Not only does the Chant not require main electricity, you can even recharge its battery via a USB connexion.

The other very interesting discovery we made is when we decided to stream music to the Chant using our loan Prestigio Android Dual SIM handset.

We only had an EDGE (not even plain vanilla 3G) connexion and the quality of the streamed music was superb via Google’s Play Music service.

So you really could turn the Chant into your very own beatbox pumping out the sounds in the middle of a field with only a very basic cellular connexion.

What we hadn’t expected is that the Chant also has a built-in microphone which can turn the device into a speakerphone – or more importantly enable you to make a sensible conference call.

Why do we feel the Chant is so cool? Well for starters, it looks like a mini bongo drum with a denim-like cover and even has its own clip so you can carry it around on your belt like a Morris Man’s pewter jug [obscure reference].

Naturally, produced by a company with multiple relatives of the late Bob Marley, the Chant sounds best when playing reggae. We tried The Sun Is Shining. And it certainly was.

Okay. The Chant retails for £79.99. You can supposedly get the functionality for a lot less. But this is a blatantly quality product.

And somewhere along the line the company employed some engineers who really understand Bluetooth. Which is why it works first time.

We give this nine stars out of ten just in case another product blows us away. Not very likely, though.

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