Marmalade expands app store support for developers

Rating: Nice endorsement from RIM re Scoreloop

In order to help developers gain extra revenue through publishing their games across multiple app stores, Marmalade has expanded its Marmalade Apps Program. Developers joining Marmalade’s Apps Program can have their apps and games published across a wider range of app stores – covering numerous different devices. In addition to Research In Motion’s (RIM’s) BlackBerry App World, the list of app stores includes the likes of Samsung Apps, LG World plus others.The company claims its Program provides an innovative way for developers to readily and profitably reach new distribution and revenue channels for apps and games.

In addition to these new revenue streams, developers are rewarded with bonus payments, free licenses and other exclusive benefits, including preferential marketing and optimal placement in app stores.

Marmalade claims developers have benefitted from hundreds of thousands of dollars of additional revenue by using its SDKs.

“Since partnering with Marmalade in 2011, we’ve been delighted by how the Marmalade Apps Program has brought a range of great games and apps to BlackBerry App World – including optimisation for unique features of our platform, such as Scoreloop social gaming,” said Anders Jeppsson, a senior business development manager for Gaming with RIM.

Anders added, “Many of the Marmalade apps have been top sellers on BlackBerry App World, and we look forward to introducing many more.”

“By joining the Marmalade Apps Program, developers have seen big increases to their addressable market with easy access to new platforms and channels, including smartphone, tablet and smart TV,” Massimo Caporale, Marmalade’s head of content, said.

Caporale continued, “To date, the program has already delivered many hundreds of thousands of dollars of additional revenue to Marmalade developers.

Our industry partners have benefited too, with app stores, device manufacturers and new platforms securing rapid access to a constant flow of high-quality new apps from an enthusiastic developer community.”

More information on the Marmalade Apps Program is available here.

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