MDSL sponsors Telecom Management 2013

Rating: BYOD forcing organisations to review their wireless expenses

MDSL's Ben Mendoza

With just over a week to go before the show starts,  MDSL has just announced its sponsorship of this year’s Telecom Management 2013 Conference held in Rotterdam, Netherlands on 24 April [2013]. Telecom Management claims to be the only specialist European event that unites end-users and telecom integrators to inform users and potential users about new strategic developments in the field of Telecom Expense Management. MDSL claims to be the leading provider of global Telecom Expense Management (TEM)  and Market Data Management solutions (MDM).

Explaining his company’s involvement with this event, Ben Mendoza, MDSL CEO, commented, “We’re looking forward to bringing our experience of global TEM implementations – including major WMM components – to the Heliview audience.”

He continued, “TEM deployments are becoming increasingly common across Europe as the many business benefits become more widely understood.”

“Another major driver is the growth of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon, which has forced organisations to review how they control their wireless expenses.”

At Telecom Management 2013, the program consists of the latest national and international developments, with practical business case studies of real-world TEM installations and sessions delivered by recognised experts in their fields.

Durvin Sandiford, channel sales manager,  for EMEA with MDSL, will abe leading a workshop on Getting Maximum Value from Telecom Expense & Managed Mobility Management.’

Durvin will explain in detail how systems being implemented enabled organisations not only to make significant savings on their telecom expenditure but also optimise their processes and achieve major gains in business productivity.

Durvin’s session will provide insight into the challenges companies face in deploying TEM and Wireless Mobility Management (WMM) programmes globally across different regions, languages and currencies, and how to overcome them.

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