Metaio brings AR to the Super Bowl

Rating: Sneaks into this media fest thanks to USA Today

Never mind wardrobe accidents, this year’s Super Bowl will be enlivened by augmented reality (AR) thanks to an alliance between Germany’s metaio and America’s USA Today. Tomorrow’s [February 4th 2011] edition of the popular US newspaper will include a 360 degree tour of the Dallas Cowboys stadium, presented by its owner – Jerry Jones. All Super Bowl fans will need to do is to download the free junaio browser app from either Apple’s iPhone App Store or the Android Market Place. Metaio claims junaio is the world’s most advanced augmented reality browser. The US newspaper will provide an AR ‘channel’ entitled ‘USATODAY 360 Stadium Tour’ on Friday.

There will also be a follow-up on the Monday [February 7th 2011] in which the newspaper provides a 3D view of how the game panned out.

The company claims the Monday edition of USA Today will give readers a 3D view of the ‘Play of the Game’ in an animated sequence and an option to receive player stats.

Given what a media fest the USA’s Super Bowl represents, this joint effort should really bring the reality of AR to wide swathes of the American populace.

In the AR stadium tour, the viewer finds his or herself right in the middle of the Dallas Cowboys’ stadium enjoying a 360 degree view by moving the cameraphone around a static position.

The company also reckons that clicking on the Smartphone’s screen lets the user jump to the point where the players enter the stadium.

Alternatively they can jump down into the locker rooms or to view some of the famous murals of contemporary art decorating the interior of this American football stadium.

Perhaps more impressive will be the Play of the Game which is effectively a 3D animation whereby the viewer’s camera angle is determined by the smartphone’s position relative to the newspaper picture.

Readers can acquire this junaio ‘channel’ entitled ‘USATODAY SuperBowl Key Play’ via the newspaper.

The channel doesn’t provide a video of the game’s events, but more like an overview in which every player’s moves can be studied from different angles.

More details can be found here or alternatively you can try viewing the YouTube video of the AR preview by going here.

Metaio claims the AR channel can demonstrate how print editorials and even news can be augmented with digital displays, thereby enriching the reader’s experience.

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